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Newslinks for Tuesday Jan 10: New Hampshire votes today

Posted on 01/10/2012

Mitt Romney is the strong favorite in New Hampshire, despite last-minute attacks after "fire people" comment

Romney-2012-blog-photo-mitt-town-hall-new-hampshire"Mitt Romney caused a clamor Monday for saying, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me," a remark that he later underscored was referring to insurance companies, as he accused Republicans and Democrats alike of taking out of context." - Fox News

  • "Let me go on record saying it would be misleading and unfair to clip the video in question in order to quote Romney this way: “I like being able to fire people.”" - Greg Sargent , the Washington Post - with full, in-context, quote

Two factors to look our for: (1) the size of Romney's victory

"Romney's five opponents will try to shrug off a convincing victory as the expected outcome for a former Massachusetts governor who owns a vacation home here. But a narrow win in the nation's first presidential primary - or a surprisingly strong finish from one of his rivals - will be played up as more evidence that Republicans still have their doubts about Romney. " - AP

...And (2) who comes second

"In one of the latest polls, Paul is in the second spot. ... Another new survey indicates that Paul is basically tied with Huntsman for second place. ... Santorum's seen his poll numbers in New Hampshire surge from single digits to the low double-digits, thanks to a near-win in Iowa. But Santorum's downplaying expectations." - CNN

With everything riding on New Hampshire, Huntsman is the one to watch

New-hampshire"[D]isaffected Romney voters are more likely to gravitate to Huntsman than anyone else. They are looking for a moderate winner. Huntsman is a moderate and, with enough momentum, he could be a winner. The only thing working against him is time: his surge has come a little too late." - Tim Stanley

  • As time runs short, Jon Huntsman steps up attacks on Mitt Romney - LA Times
  • "Before Newt Gingrich’s super PAC paid $40,000 for the stinging anti-Mitt Romney documentary that’s roiling the GOP presidential campaign, Jon Huntsman’s allies expressed interest in it." - Politico

In iconic Dixville Notch midnight vote, Huntsman and Romney tie

"Voters in the tiny New Hampshire village famed for casting the first ballots in the nation's first presidential primary have found themselves in a tie between Republicans Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. Nine ballots were cast in New Hampshire's Dixville Notch just after midnight. Romney and Huntsman received two votes each. Coming in second with one vote apiece were Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul." - AP

Gingrich goes negative

Gingrich Ad Image"On the campaign trail with Newt Gingrich these days, one never really knows who’s going to show up: the Newt who loves or the Newt who hates. Nice Newt went to a World War II museum... over the weekend, telling jokes about his waistline, using words like “happily” and “cheerfully,” ... The other Newt showed up a day later during a televised debate... Eyes narrowed, brow knitted, Gingrich accused Mitt Romney of “pious baloney” for claiming not to be a career politician. He mocked his rival, belittled him and called him a liar." - Washington Post

Candidates looking towards South Carolina

  • 400px-South_Carolina_counties_map"A "super PAC" supporting Mitt Romney is investing big in South Carolina, getting ready for a multimillion dollar ad buy for the Jan. 21 GOP primary. Restore Our Future is making a $2.3 million ad buy and will begin airing ads Tuesday through primary day." - USA Today
  • "At the Poinsett Club, a private association located in a Colonial house in Greenville, business leaders and local politicians gathered around tables as wait staff served them fried chicken, macaroni and broccoli. Gov. Perry was the featured speaker" - LA Times
  • "South Carolina, which holds a crucial primary in 11 days, is fast becoming a crucible of sorts for the Republican candidates, an early proving ground — and for some, a likely final one — in a volatile political season, particularly with the state’s history of often backing the ultimate victor in the Republican field." - New York Times

As Republicans compete in primary, Obama re-election campaign tests its organizational skills

  • OBAMA BLUE TIE"Just like in Iowa last week, Obama for America plans to use Tuesday as a kind of trial run, a chance to test the strength of the campaign's existing volunteer base and recruit new supporters who might be energized by the state's political mood." - CNN
  • "Just days after administration officials said Obama wouldn’t be doing much campaigning, the president appears to be doing just that and he's using the New Hampshire primary to rev up his campaign." - The Hill

David Brooks: Why aren't there more liberals in America? Because Americans don't trust government.

Brooks"It’s not because recent events have disproved the liberal worldview. On the contrary, we’re still recovering from a financial crisis caused, in large measure, by Wall Street excess. Corporate profits are zooming while worker salaries are flat. ... Yet the percentage of Americans who call themselves liberals is either flat or in decline. There are now two conservatives in this country for every liberal. Over the past 40 years, liberalism has been astonishingly incapable at expanding its market share. The most important explanation is what you might call the Instrument Problem. Americans may agree with liberal diagnoses, but they don’t trust the instrument the Democrats use to solve problems. They don’t trust the federal government." - David Brooks for the New York Times

High-profile Texas redistricting case hits Supreme Court

"The justices did not appear to reach consensus on the case, which centers on whether a federal court in Texas overstepped its authority by drawing an interim Congressional map for 2012. ... In more than an hour of spirited exchanges, the justices grilled attorneys and the deputy solicitor general on the intricacies of Texas redistricting and the Voting Rights Act." - Roll Call

Constitutional right of due process at stake in EPA case - Washington Examiner editorial

White House Chief of Staff Daley resigns as Obama administration turns against business

"White House Chief of Staff William M. Daley resigned at the start of the presidential election year, a surprise decision that underscored President Barack Obama's shift toward a populist platform he hopes will win him another term this November. Mr. Daley's move marked the end of a rocky yearlong tenure in which the former J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. executive, whose original mission was to reach out to business and congressional Republicans, became increasingly sidelined." - WSJ



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