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All the best reactions and commentary on Romney's New Hampshire victory

Posted on 01/11/2012

NH results Examiner
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  • The Results CNN
  • "All six Republican contenders are heading to South Carolina on Wednesday to contest the next presidential primary despite Mitt Romney's convincing victory in New Hampshire." - CNN
  • "Mitt Romney cemented his status as the Republican presidential front-runner yesterday with a win in the New Hampshire primary that left rivals fighting for a chance to derail his march to the nomination as the race moves south." - Bloomberg
  • "After Iowa, it was hard to come up with scenarios that didn't end with Romney as his party's standard bearer. After New Hampshire, it is even harder to see an outcome where he isn't the de facto nominee by the end of January." - TIME
  • What the New Hampshire exit polls say about South Carolina - New York Times



  • "With his victory in the Granite State, Romney became the first Republican candidate since 1976 to win both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary" - Washington Examiner
  • "“Tonight we celebrate. Tomorrow we go back to work,” said Mr. Romney, who strode into his victory party at Southern New Hampshire University less than 30 minutes after the final polls closed to present himself as the candidate to beat for the Republican nomination." - New York Times
  • "Romney looks more the inevitable nominee than ever, and his victory speech sounded very much like the start of his general election campaign" - The Spectator
  • "According to exit polls, the former Massachusetts governor did well across the ideological spectrum, making it hard to point to an area of weakness in his vote total." - Politico
  • "Mitt Romney performed strongly among conservatives and won decisive backing from voters worried about the economy" - AP
  • "Mitt Romney may have formally won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, and by a fairly substantial margin at that. But his real victory came in the form of the concession speeches of his competitors, none of whom hinted that they would drop out of the race." - Huffington Post
  • "Romney is winning primaries, but not by much. He gets away with it because the Anybody But Romney vote is split several ways." - Timothy Stanley
  • "The final days in the Granite State saw Republicans parroting Democratic talking points about Romney being an emissary for the most privileged in society, which then gave Democrats an opportunity to claim that even Republicans are wary of the former governor’s record." - The Hill


  • Paul RonRon Paul on second-place finish: 'We are dangerous' - LA Times
  • "While he is not poised to grab a major contest — and truly rattle the establishment in the process — the Texas congressman is also not someone the party is going to be able to ignore heading toward the convention in Tampa." - Politico
  • "Ron Paul is dangerous all right. His 25 percent cannot be ignored and (presuming he is the nominee) Mitt Romney has to acknowledge its presence in his fall campaign." - Timothy Stanley
  • "Romney and his top advisers anticipate a close general election if, as appears likely, he emerges as the GOP nominee. A close general election puts a premium on enthusiasm/turnout and party unity. Paul will be a significant part of that equation. It's important to Romney that he discourage Paul from running as a third party candidate." - National Journal


  • Santorum"“On to South Carolina,” he said to the small group — an equal number of journalists and supporters — gathered at a restaurant here." - ABC
  • "Rick Santorum’s post-Iowa momentum is officially on fumes. He was tracking at just under 10 percent of the vote late into the evening." - Politico
  • "He overestimated his appeal, got swept up in the media euphoria, and went and ran in a state that rejected a much superior Huckabee in 2008." - The Hill
  • Santorum aims to be GOP's "True Conservative" - Video


  • "His focus remains on Mitt Romney, he says, and he is prepared for a bruising battle. “It’s going to be a real choice between a Reagan conservative and a Massachusetts moderate,” he says. His campaign, he adds, is prepared to “illustrate the difference.”" - National Review Online
  • Gingrich: N.H. primary is just 'step two' - USA Today
  • "If there is anything that will allow Gingrich to keep going past South Carolina if he fares poorly, it’s the super PAC supporting him." - Politico
  • "[Y]ou have the pinnacle of establishment, Sununu, and the uber-grassroots Rush Limbaugh both attacking Newt. That's indicative of just how broadly disliked he's become." - The Hill


  • "Perry’s campaign, according to sources, had invested in pricey direct mail pieces and other spending in the Granite State for months, without moving the needle. By 11 p.m., Perry had just 1,322 votes, or 0.73 percent of the vote. That’s a lot of coin per head." - Politico
  • Rick Perry on New Hampshire primary: Yawn - Politico
  • "After a last place finish in New Hampshire, a state Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn’t compete in, the candidate vowed that his campaign’s focus on South Carolina would pay off with a strong finish." - CNN
  • "After scoring less than a percent in New Hampshire and crashing in Iowa, Rick Perry replaces Fred Thompson as the most overrated Southern candidate of all-time (except for Phil Gramm)." - The Hill


  • Huntsman looking downHuntsman insists he’s staying in race despite third-place NH finish - The Hill
  • ""Where we stand right now is a solid, confident position and we go south from here," Huntsman told CNN's Jim Acosta before speaking to supporters, referring to the next two primaries in South Carolina on January 21 and Florida on January 31." - CNN
  • "It may have fallen short of the second place he seemed headed for. But Huntsman went from cellar-dweller in the polls to third place in a matter of about two weeks, a rise that earns him some measure of respect." - Politico
  • "If he couldn't win in this historically weak field, with this desperation for an alternative candidate, with this push from the media, and with this much time in New Hampshire, he won't get a dollar's worth of donations from bundlers and big-wigs in 2016." - The Hill

Why South Carolina matters more than New Hampshire - Washington Post



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