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Newslinks for Tuesday December 27, 2011

Posted on 12/27/2011

Video: Romney paints himself as a conservative businessman in Iowa ad

Video: Rick Perry's latest ad promises 50% cut in Congressmen's pay, staff and hours

Ron Paul has come under fire for racially derogatory comments in newsletters he published some two decades ago

Paul Ron Close Up

- Wall Street Journal

  • Paul disavows newsletters, but in '95 video he seems to claim credit - NPR
  • Ron Paul is a liar, at best, concludes Jonah Goldberg at NRO
  • The Washington Post notes that the newsletters were the reason the libertarian Cato Institute split from Paul.

Ex-Aide says Ron Paul is a 9/11 Truther and isolationist who thinks US shouldn't have fought Hitler - Weekly Standard

  • Paul voted for Afghanistan war after staff threatened mutiny - Daily Caller
  • Paul's "isolationism isn’t merely an expression of distaste for war but is part of a belief system that is ready to rationalize Islamist regimes and movements at war with America and American ideals. His extremism places him beyond the pale and renders him unfit for high office." - Commentary
  • Leon H Wolf at RedState doesn't think any "Ronulan" will be put off voting for Paul by these new revelations.

The dominant storyline at the Republican convention will be figuring out how to appease Paul

Peter Beinart at the Daily Beast says Paul has already changed the GOP, exposing its fundamental splits.

Ron Paul has 1.3% lead... in RCP's poll of polls for Iowa.

But Byron York at the Washington Examiner notes that Ronulans aren't necessarily registered Republicans: "Given Paul's views on the Fed, the gold standard and social issues, not to mention his isolationist foreign policy, the polls have left some politicos wondering whether Republican voters have somehow swerved off the rails. But there's another question that should be asked first: Who are Ron Paul's supporters? Are they, in fact, Republicans? In an analysis accompanying his most recent survey in Iowa, pollster Scott Rasmussen noted, "Romney leads, with Gingrich in second, among those who consider themselves Republicans. Paul has a wide lead among non-Republicans who are likely to participate in the caucus.""

Iowa caucus near, race is still up in the air - New York Times

  • For all of the media hoopla, GOP caucusgoers in the Hawkeye State have a poor record of choosing their party's eventual nominee - Michael Barone in the Wall Street Journal

Screen shot 2011-12-27 at 12.53.49Gingrich and Perry both fail to qualify for Virginia ballot - Fox

  • The American Spectator concludes that Basic Organization is one of Romney's winning strengths.
  • FrumForum investigates claims of dodgy rule changes.

"Mitt The Massachusetts Moderate" - MSNBC notes the Gingrich campaign's full throttle attack on Romney.

Gingrich once applauded the Romney healthcare plan that he now attacks - Wall Street Journal | ABC

Documents appear to contradict Gingrich’s account that his first wife sought divorce - New York Times | CNN

“The dynamics couldn’t be better for us,” says a senior Romney strategist. “I don’t see any scenario where we’re not the nominee.” - Politico

SantorumRick Santorum goes shooting with Iowa's evangelical congressman Steve King but doesn't bag an endorsement - LA Times

The Tea Party Express offered its “support” to Michele Bachmann but the leading conservative activist group stopped short of officially endorsing the Minnesotan - Roll Call

This cycle's 13 GOP White House candidates have collected nearly $90 million — about 40 percent less than the $150 million that the 10 GOP contenders had raised at the same point in the 2008 cycle - Roll Call

Those denouncing the conservative establishment don't seem to realize they're apart of it - Jonah Goldberg in the LA Times

According to the latest Gallup tracking poll, more Americans approve of the job that President Obama is doing than disapprove for the first time since this summer - Politico

BUT... "The economy in 2012 is likely to sway Mr. Obama’s fate in his fall re-election campaign, and there he still has far to go before winning an edge among voters. The WSJ-NBC poll found 39% of Americans approve of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, with 57% disapproving." - WSJ

  • In the Washington Post E J Dionne warns the GOP that it might beat Obama if it makes the election about the economy but lose if it promises consequential reforms.
  • Rasmussen poll shows most voters want gov’t spending reduced - HotAir

The Obama administration is wrong to compare today’s problems to those of the Great Depression

"In the progressive era, the country was young and vibrant. The job was to impose economic order. Today, the country is middle-aged but self-indulgent. Bad habits have accumulated. Interest groups have emerged to protect the status quo. The job is to restore old disciplines, strip away decaying structures and reform the welfare state. The country needs a productive midlife crisis." - David Brooks in the New York Times

CrimeThe most important social trend of the past 20 years is as positive as it is underappreciated: the United States’ plunging crime rate - Charles Lane in the Washington Post

We aren't just broke we are barren - Mark Steyn at NRO on the West's fertility problem.

"Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level"

"The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal ­e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials."

"Disturbing revelations continue to emerge about how more than half a billion dollars of taxpayer dollars were shoveled into the Solyndra solar-panel boondoggle. It is becoming increasingly clear that the only “green” involved in this scandal is money." - Washington Times



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