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Newslinks for Thursday November 10, 2011

Posted on 11/10/2011

John Rossomando on The Republican: Newt comes out on top in the debate

John Rossomando on The Republican: E-mails show Obama crony's involvement in WH Solyndra loan decisionmaking

John Rossomando on The Republican: Cain needs a new team to win

Video: Newt smacks down Occupy Wall Street

Video: Rick Perry says "oops" as he forgets the third federal department he wants to abolish during live debate

‘Oops’ and a long, sad pause at debate when Perry can’t get to three - New York Times | USA Today

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 11.55.30

  • "After the CNBC debate Wednesday night, when Perry was unable to remember his third talking point - - hey, he got two out of three, cut him some slack! - - he forever branded himself the “Oops Candidate” because “oops” is what he was forced to reply after racking his brain for an answer after several agonizing, live-TV seconds." - Roger Simon at Politico
  • "It was a moment so painful, the embarrassment so great, that the principle reaction among tough-as-nails reporters was pity." - Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post
  • Will 'Oops' be Perry's campaign epitaph? - CNN
  • "Perry has bombed every debate since he entered the race... It is hard to imagine him successfully debating President Obama." - American Spectator
  • Top fundraiser for Perry tells Washington Post his campaign is over - Weekly Standard

And Perry's reaction after the debate: 'I stepped in it, man' - LA Times

Terrence Jeffrey at NRO wishes all candidates had been asked to name how they'd cut the number of federal agencies.

Can Perry rescue his campaign?

"If I were Mr. Perry, I would make an “all-in” bet on Iowa. Forget about the other states: you may not have the resources to compete in them anyway. Iowa Republicans have been friendly to Texans in the past, and the state can play to his strengths as a retail campaigner. More importantly, winning Iowa can provide tangible evidence that your campaign is viable, something that even Mr. Perry’s supporters must be questioning now." - Nate Silver

Cain uses debate to respond to allegations

Screen shot 2011-11-10 at 11.57.38“The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations... They’re saying they don’t care about the character assassination, they care about leadership and getting this economy growing and all of the other problems we face.” - Washington Times

  • "Most voters now say that the sexual harassment allegations made against Herman Cain may be both serious and true," according to the pollster. "At the same time, two-thirds believe Cain's ethics are at least as good as most politicians." - Washington Times
  • Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner worries that Cain kept putting himself into positions that were inappropriate for a married man.
  • "The entire Cain candidacy has been a reductio ad absurdum of this tendency — a case of anti-Obama conservatives reacting to the left’s overheated charges of right-wing racism by rallying around an African-American conservative who delights in playing the race card himself." - Ross Douthat in the New York Times

Herman Cain apologizes for calling House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ‘Princess Nancy’ during GOP debate - New York Daily News

The Republican candidates focused on President Obama and a series of big-goverment measures they contend have stymied job growth - Washington Examiner

Is Gingrich the only serious competitor to Romney?

Gingrich May 2011"(a) Apart from Romney, he’s the only credible candidate who consistently sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and (b) he’s not Romney." - HotAir

  • Can Romney Sell Himself to Conservatives? - Jonathan Tobin at Commentary
  • It’s not the flip-flopping or the centrism—he’s tacked right and his thinking largely ceased to “evolve” in the last few years. Mitt’s lack of anger and indignation disqualifies him for many conservatives, and that’s alarming, says Michael Medved at Daily Beast.
  • "Mitt Romney defended himself against charges of inconsistency by pointing to his long marriage and the fact that he has long attended the same church and worked at the same company.
    "I think people understand that I'm a man of steadiness and constancy." - CBS

Romney: Under my watch, Iran will not acquire nuclear weapons

Iran-leader"If I am president, I will begin by imposing a new round of far tougher economic sanctions on Iran. I will do this together with the world if we can, unilaterally if we must. I will speak out forcefully on behalf of Iranian dissidents. I will back up American diplomacy with a very real and very credible military option. I will restore the regular presence of aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf region simultaneously. I will increase military assistance to Israel and coordination with all of our allies in the region. These actions will send an unequivocal signal to Iran that the United States, acting in concert with allies, will never permit Iran to obtain nuclear weapons." - Mitt Romney in the Wall Street Journal]

Obama and Sarkozy sneer at Netanyahu while Iran nears nuclear power status - Michael Goodwin in the New York Post | Michael Ramirez Cartoon

"Joe Lieberman blasted President Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy for a "totally unacceptable, totally offensive" conversation about Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Sean Hannity's radio show this afternoon, Lieberman said "it was very troubling." - Weekly Standard

Good and bad news for GOP in Tuesday's votes

  • "Ohio's repeal of a law restricting collective-bargaining rights is the latest sign that voters in battleground states have a limited appetite for dramatic efforts to reshape government." - Wall Street Journal
  • "This week’s elections around the country were brought to you by the word “overreach,” specifically conservative overreach. Given an opportunity in 2010 to build a long-term majority, Republicans instead pursued extreme and partisan measures. On Tuesday, they reaped angry voter rebellions." - E J Dionne at the Washington Post
  • "An ancient rule of American politics still holds: Do not overreach. In both Ohio and Mississippi, Republicans went too far toward the extreme end of the spectrum and voters rose up to smite them." - David Gergen for CNN
  • "With every poll indicating that voters want policymakers to focus on repairing the economy and creating the best possible climate for job growth, Tuesday was about sending the message that politicians ignore this priority of the American people at their own risk." - NPR
  • "On the same day they turned down union reform, however, 66% of Ohioans voted to pass a state constitutional amendment saying citizens can't be forced to purchase health insurance—in other words, to defy the "individual mandate" in Mr. Obama's health reform. The vote, while symbolic, is a strong signal that ObamaCare remains deeply unpopular." - Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal
  • "Three major polls this week will give a jittery White House cause for concern. The first, from ABC News/Washington Post shows a significant rise in public anger towards the federal government. The second, from The Wall Street Journal/ NBC, shows overwhelming disillusionment with President Obama’s handling of the economy. The third, from Gallup, has conservatives in America now outnumbering liberals by a two-to-one margin." - Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph

Supercommittee struggling to make progress

"Democrats and Republicans on the congressional supercommittee appeared to make little progress Wednesday toward a deficit-cutting package, instead accusing each other privately of not negotiating in good faith. The two parties each made offers this week that were quickly rejected by the other side." - Wall Street Journal

  • Obama keeps distance from Committee, two weeks before it is due to report - New York Times
  • "Democrats on the congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee said Wednesday that Republicans need to up the ante on taxes before negotiations can resume in earnest on a potential deal to cut out-of-control budget deficits." - NPR

Clinton's new book, Back To Work, has lots of ideas for Obama - LA Times



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