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Newslinks for Saturday, November 19, 2011

Posted on 11/19/2011

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GOP Budget Chairman Paul Ryan votes no on the weak Balanced Budget Amendment, warns of higher taxes under the plan. Paul-ryan

“House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R.-Wis.), a leading spokesman for his party on fiscal issues, broke ranks with the House Republican leadership on Friday and voted against the constitutional balanced budget amendment that GOP leaders brought up for a vote on the House floor. Ryan was one of only four Republicans to vote against the amendment. The other three were Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Texas), Rep. Justin Amash (R.-Mich.) and House Rules Chairman David Dreier (R.-Calif.).”-

  • Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who cast a rare vote in support of the measure, blamed Democrats for the defeat. Speakers traditionally vote only on particularly significant legislation. “It’s unfortunate that Democrats still don’t recognize the urgency of stopping Washington’s job-crushing spending binge,” Boehner said in a statement. “And it’s disappointing that a president who says ‘we can’t wait’ to take action on jobs is doing just that: waiting, riding things out until the election, and skipping opportunities to work together with Republicans to create a better environment for job growth.” –The Hill
  • “It’s been clear for two years now that the kind of fundamental fiscal reform necessary to put the nation on a strong foundation for growth will not be possible with the current president. Cutting a bad budget deal now will only make it more difficult to do what is necessary if and when the opportunity for real reform presents itself in 2013.”- National Review

Democrats, Republicans brace themselves for the Supercommittee failure blame game. Supercommittee

“A new political calculus is emerging on both sides of the aisle now that it looks as if the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction may fail to reach an agreement by Wednesday’s deadline. Democrats, who have taken a beating since the 2010 election, are legitimately worried that Republicans will use the collapse of budget talks to pursue their own grand strategy … As a top Republican Congressional aide put it in a interview about the supercommittee’s deliberations, ‘Winning the trifecta — House, Senate and White House — in 2012 is a game changer. We would be in the driver’s seat.’” –  New York Times

  • “A House Democratic leader said a U.S. deficit-cutting agreement can't include the extension of Bush-era tax cuts, while an influential Republican said his House colleagues won't back a deal calling for new tax revenue … Representative Jim Jordan, head of the Republican Study Committee, which pushes for deeper spending cuts, said any deficit-cutting proposal that includes a tax increase is unlikely to clear a majority of the House's Republicans.” – San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Democrats rejected a deal put forward by Republicans on Friday that would cut $643 billion from the debt over the next decade. The plan, which the GOP called a 'last ditch effort,' looked to cut spending in areas other than Medicare and Social Security. If the Super Committee fails to come up with a plan, some analysts fear it may lead to another credit rating downgrade.” – Daily Mail

Sarah Palin unloads on Congress as the insider-trading scandal continues to unfold. Palin

“Former Alaska governor and GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin blasted rampant corruption in the marbled halls of Congress Friday, calling it an “endemic problem” affecting both parties. “The only solution to entrenched corruption is sudden and relentless reform,” she wrote.” – Newsmax

  • “A bipartisan group of eight senators introduced a bill Friday that would prohibit lawmakers from using information gleaned during their congressional work for financial gain. The lawmakers are urging passage of a measure that redefines insider trading to include knowledge gained from congressional work. It would also require “political intelligence consultants” to register as lobbyists.” – The Hill 
  • “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been critical of Democrats throughout his presidential campaign. Recently, Perry has focused his criticism at President Barack Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. After Pelosi mocked Perry’s public debate challenge via twitter, the Texas Gov. slammed the California Democrat over her involvement in the congressional insider trading scandal.”-  The State 

Romney facing scrutiny over reports his staff destroyed information related to Romneycare before he left office. Romney

“Some members of Romney's staff reportedly bought their work computers, and those computers were replaced with new ones before the state's current governor, Democrat Deval Patrick, took office, according to the newspaper's account, which also reported that the server used during Romney's time in office was replaced before his successor took office. “Some employees exercised the option to purchase computer equipment when they left. They did so openly with personal checks," Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told the Globe.” – The Hill

  • “Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul provided additional comment: ‘The last thing President Obama wants to do is run against Mitt Romney, so his campaign has deployed the Patrick Administration to do their dirty work. In an attempt to distract from President Obama’s terrible economic record, Democrats are resorting to false political attacks. In Massachusetts, documents in the governor’s office are not public documents yet Gov. Romney archived more than 700 boxes of documents which are available for anyone to view. Members of Gov. Romney’s administration provided all documents as required by the law.’” – Politico 

Leading Senators say Justice Elena Kagan may have to recuse herself from Obamacare deliberations. Kagan

“The senators, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are demanding Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. comply with requests for more documents about Justice Kagan’s role in planning the administration’s defense, and said unless he provides the information it could undermine confidence in the court’s eventual ruling on the case.” – Washington Times 

  • See ConHome USA’s commentary on Kagan’s conflict of interest in The Republican

Tucker Carlson says the Tea Party has destroyed the Republican establishment.

“Well I think the explanation is a little broader. Leaderless movements don’t endure because they can’t. This is basically a leaderless movement. But I think it’s had a huge effect, and its biggest effect that almost no one ever mentions is that the Tea Party destroyed the Republican establishment. All the people Republicans and conservatives have looked to for guidance have been basically discredited by the Tea Party, which has allowed this current chaos to flower. That may be a good thing, it might be a bad thing. I don’t even know. But that is the legacy of the Tea Party. No more Washington establishment on the right.” – Mediaite 

Perry pledges to only take half of his salary should he be elected president. Rick-perry-882-tn

“Pledging to lead by example, presidential hopeful Rick Perry of Texas says he will take only half of the $400,000 annual commander in chief’s salary if elected and he called on Congress to do the same. ‘I think you lead by example,’” said Perry, appearing Friday on ‘Your World With Neil Cavuto” on Fox. ‘Washington congressmen need to have their salaries cut in half. They need to spend half as much on budget. They need to be in Washington half time.’” – Newsmax

Herman Cain tries correcting Libya gaffe, but commits new gaffe, saying the Taliban is in Libya. Herman cain 2

“Herman Cain has attempted to correct the infamous gaffe over Libya that he made on Monday, yet has only fallen deeper into the mess he created by claiming the Taliban will be part of Libya's new government. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has once again demonstrated his failure to grasp foreign affairs by making another monumental gaffe over Libya. In an effort to extricate himself from the infamous mess he made when questioned about Libya on Monday, when he was unable to speak coherently on his thoughts about the situation there, he slipped still further into confusion on Friday.” – Digital Journal

2012 roundup: 2012

National Republican Campaign Committee raises big in October, bests its Democratic rival for the first time this fall Roll Call


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