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Newslinks for Saturday, November 12, 2011

Posted on 11/12/2011

The Republican:


Fresh from his debate gaffe, Rick Perry is going national with ads trying to change people’s perceptions.

“As some supp Perryorters worried that the gaffe effectively ended his White House hopes, Mr. Perry launched a media blitz, buying time for TV ads and spending time on a slew of TV interviews. (Mr. Perry, never known for his humility, showed up on David Letterman’s Late Show Thursday night to deliver the “top 10” reasons for his brain freeze.) The hope is that voters will remember why some of them flocked to the governor back in August: He’s a plain-spoken governor who says he created jobs.” – WSJ

  • Perry’s team shines while he struggles – Politico
  • Byron York says in the Washington Examiner that Perry has blown his chance to be the anti-Romney.
  • Rasmussen poll places Perry’s favorable at 25/61 – HotAir

Newt on Mitt Romney: Mitt is a competent manager; “I’m a change agent”. Newt-gingrich

"If you want a manager, I think Mitt's a very competent manager. I think that he tends to manage within whatever he thinks the realities are so when he was governor of Massachusetts he recognized that 85 percent of the legislature was Democrat, and he recognized that the state was pretty liberal, and he managed accordingly. If you want somebody who is a change agent, who has worked with Ronald Reagan for change, who as speaker brought about change, who helped balance the budget for four consecutive years -- the only time in your lifetime -- who passed the only major entitlement reform, welfare, with two out of three people going back to work or going to school, and who has substantial foreign policy and national security experience. I'm the only candidate in the race like that. – Real Clear Politics

  • Hints that he would appoint John Bolton to his cabinet – ABCNews
  • Polls reflecting Gingrich’s hot debate performances – Washington Times
  • Nate Silver writes in the NY Times’s Five-Thirty Eight blog that Gingrich’s surge has paralleled his rivals’ fall in the polls.

Herman Cain’s campaign is far from over. His unscathed emergence from Wednesday’s debate is the unsung story.

“The former pizza executive was able to brush off questions about alleged sexual harassment and continue with extraordinary discipline to stick to his 9-9-9 Plan and to even make the argument that he is an outsider with a compelling story, message and argument to be president.” – Fox News

  • Cain claims he’s gotten a fundraising boost from the weeks of bad press – Los Angeles Times
  • Has Cain’s campaign hit the proverbial iceberg?  Tom Thulow asks in The American Thinker.

Michelle Bachmann might be an outspoken crusader against government waste, but a closer look shows that she knows how to bring home the bacon to her district. Bachmann

"Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann may be a crusader against government waste, but the GOP presidential candidate is standing firm against critics who say the construction of a new $690 million bridge that she supports over the St. Croix River in her Minnesota district is wasteful.Critics complain that the proposed bridge is too expensive and dries up money for other transportation projects. It has also been compared to the infamous proposed “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska, where federal dollars were sought to build a bridge to an island where only a few dozen people lived."- Daily Caller

Santorum urges that Iran’s growing nuclear menace be taken more seriously.

“We’ve reach the point where the body of evidence from the United Nations that says this capability has now arrived,” Mr. Santorum said, referring to a report released this week from the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog agency that warned Iran was conducting secret experiments “relevant to the development of a nuclear device.” “Obviously, we are talking about air strikes to take out that capability.” – Washington Times

The GOP candidates are courting hard-nosed Maricopa County, Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio

“Republican presidential candidates crisscross the country searching for votes. But some are going out of their way to make a stop for the vote of one person: Joe Arpaio, the controversial sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. … Candidates have made quick stops in Phoenix to meet with the crusader against illegal immigration. … He says he could announce his Republican primary endorsement in the weeks or days leading up a GOP debate scheduled in Arizona for early December.” – CNN

Europe’s financial doldrums could spell financial disaster on this side of the Atlantic as both parties continue spending unabated. Euro-zone

“GLOBAL business sentiment is worse now than on the eve of the financial crisis in 2008, according to The Economist/FT survey of over 1,500 senior executives conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Just 14% of those polled expect business conditions to improve over the next six months. Overall confidence, measured as the balance of executives who think the global economy will improve against those who expect it to worsen, plunged from a bullish 19 percentage points in May to minus 39 in October. In September 2008 a similar survey put confidence at minus 37 points.” – The Economist

  • “And yet, we Americans are spending more time on Europe’s problems than on our own, if the press and television coverage is any guide. Of course, this might be due to political overload—repeated debates among Republicans seeking the opportunity to take on what they see as a wounded Barack Obama, daily television appearances by the president, charge and counter-charge about everything from who is responsible for the deficit to the private life of Herman Cain. More likely, however, attention to eurozone problems stems from concerns about their possible impact on the American economy.”- The Weekly Standard 

The Supercommittee’s deadline for producing a report nears, but all signs are showing that pork will be its only byproduct. Supercommittee

Michelle Malkin writes in Human Events that “The only thing "super" about the so-called budget control super committee is the size of lobbying muscle exerted on its members. Almost 100 registered lobbyists who are former employees of super committee members are now "representing defense companies, health-care conglomerates, Wall Street banks and others with a vested interest in the outcome of the panel's work," the Washington Post found in September. This includes two dozen former staffers to Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, including three former chiefs of staff.”

  • Obama wags his finger at the Supercommittee as he heads out of Dodge -  Washington Times
  • The Supercommittee may kick the can until after the election instead of making hard decisions – Los Angeles Times 

E-mails show that senior Obama campaign official wanted Energy Secretary Chu out before Solyndra broke. Steven chu

“Months before Solyndra’s collapse, a former high-ranking official in President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign called for Steven Chu’s ouster, saying the Energy secretary lacked the chops for turning green technology into green jobs. “Secretary Chu is a wonderful and brilliant man, but he is not perfect for the other critical DOE mission: deploying existing technologies at scale and creating jobs,” Dan Carol, the research director of the 2008 Obama campaign who now works as director of Multi-State Initiatives for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, wrote in a February email to White House counselor Peter Rouse that was released Friday by a government source.” – Politico  

  • White House delivers Solyndra documents, rebuffs subpoena – The Hill 

University of Tampa study tries to show that conservatives suffer from psychopathy for opposing gay marriageHot Air 

Fed up small business owners say enough is enough when it comes to Occupy Wall Street and demand that Bloomberg throw them out. Occupy-wall-street-we-are-the-99-150x100

“Flyers are being passed around at small businesses and residential buildings around the park in downtown Manhattan promoting a “Protest against the Occupy Wall St. and Mayor Bloomberg who does nothing to get them to leave.” The news conference is scheduled for Monday at 5 p.m. on the steps of City Hall. In recent days, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and others with small businesses located near Zuccotti Park have been quietly meeting to share stories of the damage they say has been caused by Occupy Wall Street: theft of property, vandalism, threats, violence and even incidents involving the throwing of fecal matter.” -  Fox News  

  • “Zucotti lung” disease spreads among the Occupy Wall Street protesters – Commentary
  • Americans around the country are saying enough is enough with the Occupy movement – The Daily Beast 

Too big to fail cannot be fixed as long as Dodd-Frank remains in place, American Spectator editor Joe Lawler writes. 



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