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Newslinks for Monday November 21, 2011

Posted on 11/21/2011

Video: The thrill is gone: Chris Matthews unloads on Obama

Supercommittee leaders ready to announce failure to reach a deal

Supercommittee"The Republican and Democratic leaders of a 12-member congressional "super committee" are set to declare defeat in a joint statement to be released after three months of talks failed to bridge deep divides over taxes and spending." - Reuters

Parties brace for supercommittee fallout

"The Democratic message: We stood up to Republicans looking to gut Social Security, slash Medicare and permanently extend the Bush-era tax cuts for high income Americans. The Republican counterattack: Democrats wanted little more than tax increases and refused to consider changes to deficit-driving health care entitlements. Both sides are positioning themselves as the party that compromised and sought a middle-ground." - Politico

The consequences of failure

  • Screen shot 2011-08-02 at 11.45.36"With deficit reduction talks all but dead in Washington and several bond auctions by fiscally shaky governments on the Continent this week, market specialists say the coming days may well be treacherous"- New York Times
  • "Wall Street has indicated the super committee’s inability to strike a deal would not seriously upend the financial markets, even though retailers are concerned that failure from Washington could dampen consumer confidence before Black Friday launches the holiday shopping season." - LA Times
  • However, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) talks up the prospect of a downgrade: "“There is a real threat that not only will be there a downgrade, but that the market, on Monday, will look again at Washington and say, ‘You guys can’t get the job done,’” Kerry said on “Meet the Press.”" - BusinessWeek
  • Supercommittee’s failure pushes Bush tax cuts to forefront of 2012 campaign - Washington Post

Romney blames Obama for supercommittee failure

Romney (1)"As many of his rivals for the nomination fade, Mr. Romney continues to hammer the president in a bid to cast himself as the inevitable Republican nominee. He starts speeches these days by asking voters to envision the day after the general election, and his campaign issues daily press releases to complain that Mr. Obama’s political aides are obsessed with their candidate." - Wall Street Journal

  • Why Romney is still playing big in New Hampshire: "Mitt Romney watched his double-digit lead here disappear in the final weeks four years ago, landing him in second place in the Republican presidential primary. Now, with Newt Gingrich's candidacy showing new signs of life, Mr. Romney is working to avoid a similar collapse" - Wall Street Journal
  • "Congressman Charlie Bass will endorse the GOP presidential candidacy of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on Monday, The Telegraph has confirmed." - Nashua Telegraph

Gingrich tops latest poll

Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 10.35.46"Six weeks before the opening Iowa caucuses, Gingrich has come from nowhere — he was at 3% in summertime surveys — to the top of the GOP presidential field. In a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, he is ahead of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney by a single, statistically insignificant percentage point." - USA Today

Bachmann says "Pentagon should prepare a war plan" for Iran

Screen shot 2011-03-27 at 4.55.06 AM"The “Pentagon should prepare a war plan” to handle an ascendant Iran in possession of a nuclear weapon, GOP contender Michele Bachmann said... Bachmann stopped short of advocating for a pre-emptive strike on Iran by Israel or the United States, saying “only a fool wishes for war,” but advocated for a naval blockade of Iranian ports, increased intelligence operations against Iran and “crushing economic sanctions.”" - ABC News

GOP field readies spending spree - Politico

Ron Paul: Republican spoiler

Ron Paul"Paul has a devout, energized following and strong organization in both Iowa and New Hampshire, and any candidate who finishes behind Paul in either state could be embarrassed by the results and struggle to recover. ... Because of his strong fundraising, Paul will be able to keep competing in state after state, giving Republican candidates a hurdle to clear in every early voting state. " - The Hill

2012 update:

  • 2012Ron Paul: U.S. foreign policy contributed to 9/11 - Politico
  • Bachmann book underscores come-from-behind wins - CNN
  • Gov. Huckabee sounds positive about Romney: "Mitt Romney may not be their first choice, but Mitt Romney every day of the week and twice on Sunday is going to be a much more effective president for issues that they care about than Barack Obama." - Politico
  • Perry supporters in New Hampshire voice concerns to campaign manager - CNN
  • "With the Iowa caucuses just over six weeks away, an unexpected question about the early presidential states is beginning to make the rounds: Does retail politicking even matter much anymore?" - Politico

President Obama’s base of support remains solid heading into 2012

Screen shot 2011-09-08 at 9.49.26 PM"One of the most persistent story lines for the president has been that the liberal left has grown increasingly dissatisfied with his actions... including single-payer health insurance, the extension of the George W. Bush tax cuts and whether to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay... But an examination of the polling data among key subgroups that constitute Obama’s base makes clear that he has as much support from them as any modern president seeking a second term." - Washington Post

  • First lady booed at NASCAR event - The Hill

Rep. Darrell Issa: If Eric Holder is not ‘doomed,’ the Obama administration is

Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 10.39.18"House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa told The Daily Caller that if Attorney General Eric Holder isn’t “doomed” because of his handling of Operation Fast and Furious, the entire Obama administration is. “If the [Obama] administration continues to have full confidence in a failed administration by Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, then ultimately the administration is going to be doomed,” Issa told TheDC during an interview in San Diego on Saturday. “Eric Holder seems to have the full confidence of the president, and I can’t understand why.”" - The Daily Caller

Former Sen. Judd Gregg: Obama doesn't see the political advantage in taking difficult decisions

Screen shot 2011-07-11 at 4.39.51 PM"Throughout his term, President Obama has avoided leading on the issue of fiscal responsibility. ... Now in a week when leadership is needed to push this critical committee to do something big and bring the nation’s fiscal house back into order, the president once again disappears. ... The general consensus is that neither he nor the people around him feel there is a great upside to doing something that involves making so many difficult decisions to straighten out our nation’s fiscal future." - Judd Gregg for The Hill

National Journal ranks the 2012 Senate races

"What goes around comes around. After losing virtually every toss-up Senate race in 2006, Republicans find themselves in prime position to pick up the four seats they need to control the Senate. And Democrats' success five years ago means Republicans have plenty of targets from which to choose." - National Journal

Do we want to entrust private health data to leaky feds? - Washington Examiner editorial

N.Y. terror suspect arrested

"An “Al-Qaeda sympathizer” who plotted to bomb police and post offices in New York City as well as U.S. troops returning home has been arrested on numerous terrorism-related charges, city officials said Sunday." - Politico


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