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Newslinks for Friday November 11, 2011

Posted on 11/11/2011

6a0133f4f7f710970b0162fc4a05e5970dThe Republican:


"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned Thursday that sweeping military cuts which could be triggered by the failure of the congressional deficit committee to strike a deal "invites aggression" from abroad." - Fox

NorquistShould GOP keep tax pledge?

"Grover Norquist, a pillar of conservative activism in Washington, encourages lawmakers to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. Lately, Democrats have made criticizing him their top talking point about the supercommittee" - WSJ

  • "A growing number of House Republicans, including a number of highly principled conservatives, want to set aside pledges against new revenues at a time of a national jobs emergency and a profound challenge of deficits and debt." - Brent Budowsky at The Hill

"Tax cuts for the wealthy are the “only reason” for the supercommittee impasse, a White House official said Thursday. “It's isolated down to that point.”" - The Hill

"Supercommittee Republicans offered a $1.5 trillion proposal that contained $500 billion in new revenues to $1 trillion in cuts. The Democrats rejected the proposal in favor of a 1-to-1 ratio: $1 trillion in tax increases plus $1 trillion in spending cuts for a $2.3 trillion package (the last $300 billion is to come from reduced interest payments)." - American Spectator

Business who employ unemployed veterans get tax credit extended - NPR

"On the eve of Veterans Day, the Senate approved new measures to help unemployed former service members, advancing a modest piece of President Obama’s $447 billion jobs package with rare bipartisan support." - Washington Post

Gay Pride FlagSenate panel approves repeal of Defense of Marriage Act

  • "The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a bill that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, the 15-year-old law that prohibits the federal government from recognizing legally married same-sex couples." - LA Times
  • "It has no chance of passing in a divided Congress. But because a 10-to-8 vote Thursday to approve a Defense of Marriage Act repeal bill was the first time an effort to end DOMA has made legislative headway in Congress, Democrats on the panel were counting it as a success of sorts." - NPR

Five reasons why Perry may not be finished yet

Perry"The five reasons I asserted that Governor Perry would have the best shot at beating Obama were simple ones: He decisively created more jobs than Obama. He greatly respects and tries to encourage small businesses. He has a clear understanding of federalism and what states shouldn't be forced into. He has solid core convictions that replicate most of America. And he could unite the core conservative Democrats, Republicans and Independents across the nation on economic, social and defense policy. All five of those reasons remain -- even now -- solidly relevant and valid." - Kevin McCullough for Fox

  • The gaffe reinforced the fear among skeptics that Perry might be like Bush - Toby Harnden
  • Perry: If we're electing a Debater-in-Chief, don't elect me - NRO
  • Perry team: Boss had human moment - Washington Times
  • George E Condon at the National Journal thinks Perry's "oops" was defining.
  • I'm convinced that Rick Perry is a Democrat plant; He's a caricature of what Democrats think Republicans are like - Dorian Davis at Daily Caller

Romney's "Readjustments" all took place in 2005 - WSJ

Cain and Romney are running closely in GOP presidential primary races in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania - WSJ

  • Cain raises $2.25 million since accusations revealed - USA Today
  • Even Cain’s old jokes face extra scrutiny now - New York Times
  • "Over the past two weeks he has been accused of sexual misconduct by, at this point, four separate women. Two have come forward. In two cases there were financial settlements. They may all come forward together. The story is likely not going to go away. It is serious. The women may be telling the truth." - Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal

The prospect of a President Gingrich is looking more and more interesting - PowerLine

Ezra Klein: The campaign Huntsman should have fought

Huntsman Jon S&S"The problem is that the Republican field already has a generic conservative who is reasonably polite and electable. His name is Mitt Romney. What it doesn’t have is a moderate. What it doesn’t have is someone saying, “of course I would accept a deal that cut $10 in spending for every $1 in tax increases. Are you kidding me?” What it doesn’t have is someone noting that Senate Republicans introduced the first bill to cut carbon emissions through a cap-and-trade program, John McCain and Sarah Palin had such a plan in their 2008 platform, and it would be irresponsible for the Republican Party to walk away from that position... What it doesn’t have, in other words, is someone challenging the party’s hard-right consensus." - Ezra Klein at the Washington Post

Palin tut-tuts focus on GOP race, urging media to keep spotlight on Obama - Politico

"Virginia Republicans, unlike those in Ohio and Mississippi, focused on bread and butter governance issues rather than hot button issues that please the base." - FrumForum

Can Obama win by attacking the GOP?

"History suggests that, if anything, the president is more likely to lose approvers than win disapprovers... Barring the possibility that the GOP nominates a 21st century version of George McGovern, Obama wins if and only if a majority of voters think he’s doing a good job." - Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard

Boehner accuses Obama of "expediency" for delaying pipeline decision until after election

Boehner John Blue Shirt“More than 20,000 new American jobs have just been sacrificed in the name of political expediency,” Speaker John Boehner said in a statement." - Roll Call

  • The New York Times notes that this is only the latest in a long line of delayed infrastructure decisions.
  • Commentary says it's 20,000 jobs "down the drain".

Iran and the bomb

"The Obama administration has quietly drawn up plans to provide a key Persian Gulf ally [the UAE] with thousands of advanced "bunker-buster" bombs and other munitions, part of a stepped-up U.S. effort to build a regional coalition to counter Iran." - WSJ

GersonPutting AIDS on the road to extinction - Michael Gerson in the Washington Post urges the White House and Obama to exempt AIDS action from the age of austerity.

The €urocollapse

"The European Central Bank imposed on Greece a regime of spending cuts and tax increases that was bound, in the short term, to increase the deficit; instead of a package such as Ireland adopted (with considerable success so far), of expense reductions but also incentives to investment, that has reduced its deficit." - Conrad Black at NRO

"Gabrielle Giffords spoke on national TV for the first time since she was shot in January, telling ABC World News’s Diane Sawyer in a clip aired Thursday that while things are “difficult,” she is feeling “pretty good.”" - Politico

And finally... Some forms of inequality are more acceptable than others - David Brooks at the New York Times



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