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Afternoon update for November 28, 2011

Posted on 11/28/2011


Dr. Terry Madonna on The Republican: Next year's election is the GOP's to lose


Washington insider update: Barney frank

  • The Fed hid $13B loan to the banks from Congress - Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • Boehner had a long rocky relationship with Newt Gingrich - Roll Call
  • Barney Frank to announce his retirement from Congress - Daily Caller
  • Bill Clinton calls for Obama and the GOP to cooperate - Newsmax

2012 update: 6a0133f4f7f710970b014e8b0cb5e6970d-150wi

  • Gingrich says he's the conservative alternative to Romney - New York Times
  • Poll shows Obama would beat Cain 46% to 36% - Rasmussen Reports
  • Bachmann talks up her Tea Party roots, questions Gingrich's credibility - Washington Post
  • GOP strategist Craig Shirley: The contest could last until June - Newsmax
  • Ron Paul sets straw poll record - ConservativeHQ


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