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Newslinks for Wednesday October 12, 2011

Posted on 10/12/2011

Ryan Streeter on The Republican: Mitt Romney wins the New Hampshire debate without a plan, Cain keeps himself in a close second with a plan – and everyone else slides farther behind

Obama's jobs plan can't even get past the Democrat-controlled Senate

"President Obama received a slap from members of his own party Tuesday as the Senate voted 50-49 to block his $447 billion jobs package. The jobs plan, which the president has spent much of the last month touting on a cross-country tour, fell well short of the 60 votes it needed to proceed. The only Democrats to vote against the measure were Sens. Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Jon Tester (Mont.), but a number of other centrists in the party indicated they would vote against the package even though they supported launching a debate on the measure." - The Hill

  • NRO: "Jon Tester (D., Mont.), who called the president’s plan “an expensive, temporary fix to a problem that needs a big, long-term solution.”
  • "Even Obama’s fellow Democrats seem to have developed sufficient spending fatigue to put the brakes on new outlays, while the most moderate Democrats say the economy will never recover as long as the deficit continues to spiral out of control." - Daily Beast
  • ""By proposing a second stimulus, Democrats are showing the American people that they have no new ideas for dealing with our jobs crisis," Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said on the Senate floor... "Everyone who votes for this second stimulus will have to answer a simple but important question: Why on earth would you support an approach that we already know will not work?" McConnell said." - Quoted by NPR
  • Barack Obama's planned cuts in payroll taxes will leave revenues permanently lower - Michael Medved for

How Chris Christie's endorsement of Romney helps the GOP frontrunner - Byron York for the Washington Examiner

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""I'm here in New Hampshire today for one simple reason: America cannot survive another four years of Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney's the man we need to lead America, and we need him now," Christie said." - MSNBC

"Speaking about Romney’s Massachusetts health-care program, Christie said it was “completely intellectually dishonest” to compare it to Obamacare.

“Gov. Romney did not raise one tax in doing what he did in trying to improve the health-care system in Massachusetts,” Christie said. “I will tell you, that I’m proud of him for standing up for doing what he believes is right.”" - NRO

> Yesterday's Republican: Summary of first reactions to Christie endorsing Romney


After a series of debates in which his rivals treated him kindly, Cain found himself on the defensive for the first time, with his tax plan under attack - Washington Post

  • "Herman Cain basked in the attention that his catchy 9-9-9 tax-overhaul plan was getting during Tuesday night’s economic debate. But he seemed to stumble over a question about how much benefit it would actually produce." - WSJ
  • "Rep. Michele Bachmann said Mr. Cain’s economic approach is “not a jobs plan — it is a tax plan. If you take the 9-9-9 plan and you turn it around, the devil is in the details,” the three-term Minnesota congresswoman joked." - Washington Times
  • "At one point, Santorum got fired up and asked the audience at the debate: “How many people are for a sales tax in New Hampshire? Raise your hands.” No hands went up. “There you go Herman. That’s how many votes you’ll get in New Hampshire.”" - Daily Caller
  • "Herman Cain was very good. He took incoming fire tonight because of his standing in the polls, but he gave at least as good as he got. What is striking to me about Cain’s candidacy is the fact that he battles on even terms with the other candidates. He isn’t the black candidate, like Barack Obama. The rationale of his candidacy isn’t his skin color, it is his proposals for the economy–proposals that are well grounded because of his life spent with great success in the private sector. His role in this campaign is transgressive, to borrow a word that leftists love." - PowerLine


  • Romney is the only candidate ready for prime time - Jennifer Rubin
  • Mitt seemed to be the only even remotely plausible presidential candidate on the stage - John Podhoretz for the New York Post
  • "The most telling moment in tonight’s Republican presidential debate came at the start of the second hour when the candidates were given the opportunity to ask questions of their opponents. The result was that the majority of the contenders all posed their query to Mitt Romney.  This was merely the confirmation of what we already had discovered by that point in the evening. Romney is the clear frontrunner with no one else even close." - Commentary
  • Romney once again made clear that he thinks cutting defense spending is a bad idea, even at a time when he supports reducing the size of government - Weekly Standard


  • Rick Perry defends support for Al Gore in Republican debate - Washington Post
  • Huntsman needles Perry on Mormonism flap at GOP debate - Washington Post
  • 'Mitt Romney called on Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tuesday to disavow comments from an evangelical pastor who says Romney isn't Christian and is in a cult because he is a Mormon. Perry, through a spokesman, declined to do so." - USA Today
  • "Perry, who has been criticized by Romney for not outlining a detailed economic plan, said he would begin rolling out a platform in the coming days, beginning with a speech later this week on boosting domestic energy production. "It's time for another American declaration of independence," Perry said. "It's time for energy independence."" - CNN
  • "While the debate will probably not be critically damaging to Mr. Perry, his odds of upending Mr. Romney have continued to lengthen. Meanwhile, the more solid Mr. Cain’s support becomes, the harder it may be for Mr. Perry to recover his standing in the polls." - Nate Silver

Perry's position on immigration

The WSJ looks at Perry's problem with the immigration issue: "An ability to have a moderate immigration position and to reach out for some share of the Hispanic vote is essential for a GOP nominee," said Gary Michael Segura, a professor of political science at Stanford University. "But it's deadly for a GOP primary candidate."

Is the Tea Party more isolationist than the rest of America? No.

Tea Party"A common myth about the Tea Party is that it is isolationist. It isn’t. Yes, Tea Party supporters are focused on the domestic economy, and are tiring of U.S. strategic commitments abroad. But the same is also true of most Americans right now — Democrats as well as Republicans. Relative to other voters, many Tea Party supporters actually favor strong U.S. leadership internationally, a robust American military and support for core U.S. alliances overseas. This is also in keeping with the foreign policy preferences of most conservative Republicans, both today and for many years. As conservatives, however, Tea Party supporters tend to favor a version of international action different from the one favored by President Obama. Specifically, they are more skeptical than he is of foreign aid, multilateral organizations, humanitarian intervention, and the diplomatic engagement of Iran." - Colin Dueck for the New York Times

Dick Morris: Obama is Wall Street's friend

"The fact is that Obama is less a socialist than a corporatist. His objective is not government ownership, but government management. To control the economy — and all of our lives — he needs to get rid of small banks and small business and consolidate it all in a few big banks and big corporations." - Dick Morris for The Hill

  • "The economist Joseph Schumpeter, in his essay "Can Capitalism Survive?", warned long ago that too many business leaders would seek success through politics rather than competition, and that this would destroy true capitalism. Certainly, too many in Wall Street have succumbed to that temptation, and capitalism has suffered accordingly." - Fred Smith for USA Today

Recalls get in the way of good government - LA Times editorial

Steve Jobs reminded us that capitalism is effective, moral... and very cool - Dr Milton Wolf in the Washington Times

I've always relied upon great editors and great broadcasters to tell me what they think is important each day - Peter Funt in the Wall Street Journal



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