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Newslinks for Tuesday October 18, 2011

Posted on 10/18/2011

Ryan Streeter on The Republican: Occupy Wall Street's roots are in Madagascar, while the Tea Party's roots are in American living rooms

Don't believe the talk of spending cuts, Washington is spending MORE than ever - WSJ | IBD

You can vote for smaller government… but there is no empirical evidence that you can get it - PowerLine

Tina Brown predicts a firebomb will go off between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party when debt talks resume - NPR

  • "A Tea Party commission trying to “crowd-source” a plan to reduce the federal budget deficit says it found broad support for repealing the health care legislation passed last year and eliminating entire federal departments, but much less enthusiasm for changes to Medicare and Social Security." - New York Times

ObamaCare in new trouble

"Congressional Republicans on Monday called for the immediate repeal of a major component of the 2010 healthcare reform law as the issue blew up in the administration’s face. The seemingly unworkable long-term care benefit contained in the health overhaul has been indefinitely shelved, quickly triggering a new offensive from GOP lawmakers that is expected to put congressional Democrats in a politically awkward position." - The Hill

Brooks David NewsnightToday's Must-Read: David Brooks on the "Great Restoration" including not spending what you don't have and reconnecting effort with reward

"Some economists say the government should be spending more now to stimulate a recovery. Thirty-eight percent of Americans seem to agree with that. But 56 percent have said “government spending when the government is already running a deficit is the wrong approach during an economic downturn because it is only a temporary solution that increases long-term debt.” These majorities are focused on the fundamentals. They say that repairing the economic moral fabric is the essential national task right now. They are suspicious of government action in general, saying that government often undermines this fabric. But they support specific federal policies that nurture industriousness, responsibility and delayed gratification, like spending on infrastructure, education and research. They distinguish between the deserving and undeserving rich." - David Brooks in the New York Times

Romney leads Cain, 26% vs. 25%, in CNN/ORC International survey with Texas Gov. Rick Perry a distant third with 13% support among Republicans - USA Today

Elephant shieldAnd, notes the Washington Times, the GOP has the energy levels: "Republicans seem far more excited to vote in next year's presidential elections than Democrats are, suggesting the same sort of enthusiasm gap that pushed the GOP to big gains in the 2010 elections. The numbers were part of the latest CNN-ORC International poll that found 62 percent of self-identified Republicans were extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president, while only 48 percent of Democrats said the same thing."

  • Romney beats Perry 54% to 39% in head-to-head polling: "When he entered the race just a couple of months ago, Mr. Perry was thought to be the ultimate anti-Romney, with all the charisma Mr. Romney lacks and the ability to excite all those who can't get worked up about him. Set against Mr. Perry now, Mr. Romney prevails easily, 54% to 39%. Mr. Romney actually does better among tea-party backers in that match-up, and he loses only slightly among "very conservative" voters." - Gerals Seib for the Wall Street Journal

John Hawkins' Conservative case against Mitt Romney

" It's hard to criticize Mitt Romney's position on the issues because he shifts around so much you never really know where he stands on anything. One day he's pro-amnesty. The next day, he's not. One day he's pro-choice; the next day he's pro-life. One day he believes humans are the cause of global warming; the next day he's not sure about it. One day he's pro-gun control; the next day, he's a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment. One day he's disassociating himself from Ronald Reagan and the Contract with America; the next day he wants to assure you that both are close to his heart. While it is okay for politicians to change their mind from time to time and conservatives are sometimes too unwilling to “take ‘yes’ for an answer" from a politician, in Romney's case, his positions have shifted so much, on so many issues, that it's impossible to take anything he says at face value." - John Hawkins for

CainCain's 9-9-9 plan under heavy attack... from conservatives and liberals

  • The 9-9-9 plan’s peculiarities of design, substantive weaknesses, and political naïveté render it unworthy of conservative support - NRO Editors
  • Dial 9-9-9 for nonsense - Economist
  • A new analysis from a left-leaning think tank concludes that Herman Cain’s “9-9-9” tax plan would generate large tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans while adding to the tax bills of low-income people - WSJ

Cain is telling minorities that they don't have to be liberals - Christopher Barron for the Daily Caller

Ron Paul has introduced his own big idea, $1 trillion in federal spending cuts in the first year of his presidency and the elimination of five executive-branch departments and the Transportation Security Administration - NPR

David Frum attacks Perry's jobs plan as the work of the American Petroleum Association.

2012-RACE2012 in Brief:

  • The Iowa Caucuses have been scheduled for Jan 3 - Washington Post
  • Donald Trump takes star turn at Michele Bachmann event - LA Times
  • In Campaign 2012, Web sites are the new real estate - Washington Post

A record high six out of ten Americans think Obama's policies will fail - Fox

Daniel J. Palazzolo for Fox on how Obama's policies have changed over 1,000 days: "A program that involved a massive expansion of government and deficit spending certified by a Democratically controlled Congress in 2009 has given way to “balanced” economic plan in October 2011. In the wake of major losses by his party in the 2010 midterm elections, President Obama’s recent spending initiatives and tax cuts have to be paid for and agreed to by a Republican majority in the House and a diminished Democratic majority in the Senate."

"Obama has become a bitter man – bitter at the GOP, bitter at some of his own liberal allies, bitter at the press, and even bitter at the public, whom he now says has “gone a bit soft” (a revelation that coincides with the public turning hard against the president and his policies). For those of us who once thought better of Obama, it’s a disappointing – and increasingly worrisome – thing to watch." - Pete Wehner for Commentary

Michelle Obama shifts into 2012 campaign mode - Politico

President Obama is right to send troops to advise African forces going after the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda - Jonah Goldberg for the LA Times

Michael Crowley for TIME on Obama's increasingly tough national security credentials.

Five House races are shaping up to be 2012’s big-ticket items, contests that will cost millions and break candidates’ bank accounts - Politico

Israel had an unbreakable commitment to bring Gilad Shalit home and Netanyahu was willing to release 1,000 prisoners to keep it - Elliott Abrams for the Weekly Standard

And finally... Mitt Romney and the women's vote

Elise Jordan tells NRO readers that Romney could become the "heartthrob-in-chief".



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