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Newslinks for Sunday October 9, 2011

Posted on 10/09/2011

Romney’s Mormon issue returns to the forefront of the campaign as Evangelicals’ misgivings about the candidate’s faith bubble to the surface Romney

“A Texas pastor’s inflammatory remarks here — calling Mormonism a “cult” — thrust Mitt Romney’s faith into the center of a 2012 campaign overwhelmingly focused on the economy. It was a transparent attempt by Baptist minister Robert Jeffress, a Rick Perry supporter, to drive a wedge between Romney and evangelical voters.”- Politico 

  • “This time, Romney is focusing relentlessly on the economy and is conspicuous in how rarely he talks about God. He no longer tries to convince evangelical voters that he is as Christian as they are, that Jesus Christ is his personal savior and that he, too, reads the Gideon Bible before bed.”- The Washington Post 
  • “During his speech at the Values Voters Summit in Washington DC today, former Reagan administration official and respected social conservative Bill Bennett sharply criticized Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress for his comments about Mitt Romney's faith.”- The Washington Examiner

Perry’s ambiguous immigration stance continues to dog him with conservative activists Rick-perry-882-tn

“Two weeks after he said Republicans who disagree with the Texas law allowing undocumented immigrants in-state tuition “don’t have a heart,” angering many of his base, Perry found himself in northwest Iowa Saturday trying to explain to voters exactly what the program does.” - Politico

  • “’Americans are more and more concerned about their safety and they’re more and more concerned about these drugs that are coming into their communities and one of the reasons is because of the federal government’s complete and absolute lack of support to states and to this country to secure the border,’ Perry said.” – Des Moines Register

Tea partiers shifting focus away from the presidential race toward winning control of the Senate in 2012

“With their favored candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination lagging or out of the race, many U.S. Tea Party activists are shifting focus to the struggle for control of the U.S. Senate.” – Reuters

Illinois’ new congressional redistricting map is making Republicans sweat as Democrats tighten the noose on their GOP Joe walsh

“The state will lose one House seat next year, and Democrats targeted five GOP House Members for defeat in their redraw. Their effort not only will force at least two pairs of Republican Members to face off in primaries but also creates Democratic opportunities in open seats.” – Roll Call

The Iowa GOP sets its caucuses for January 3 leaving New Hampshire as the only state left to announce the date of its primary

“National Republican officials originally planned for the presidential primaries to kick off later in 2012 until Florida jumped the line and scheduled its primary for Jan. 31. As a result, the primary election calendar was thrown into disarray and the traditional first states to host contests moved their election dates into January.” – Roll Call

  • “Iowa Republicans still hope to hold their vote before New Hampshire’s primary. But New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, in an interview with POLITICO earlier this week, has not ruled out setting his state’s primary in December or before Iowa’s caucus.” – Politico  

Dem opposition researcher warns that Obama’s support among black Americans could be slipping

“Black America climbed the mountaintop only to find a sheer cliff on the other side. Barack Obama might be their man, but if he can’t do it, no one can. And if Obama can’t convince black voters that progress is possible, then he can’t convince them to turn out in 2012 like they did in 2008. And if that’s true, then Obama can’t win reelection. Game over.” – Politico

Although Obama faces the worst economy since Ronald Reagan’s first term as president, signs are far worse for him as he pursues re-election Obama 2

“The first is that Obama's economy makes Reagan's look like the end of the rainbow. The second is that it shows no signs of getting appreciably better. At first glance, Obama's plight may not look so terrible. The unemployment rate in September was 9.1 percent, compared to 9.2 percent in September 1983. But those figures are snapshots that conceal the overall direction of the economy. At this point, Reagan's economy was roaring back to life. Obama's is curled up in the fetal position, whimpering.” – Chicago Tribune

  • “Barack Obama is obviously scrambling in his attempt to win re-election. He has proclaimed himself the underdog and has given up his pretense of being a pragmatic centrist compromiser in favor of harsh class warfare rhetoric …  Obama's 2008 coalition included two-thirds of young voters and Latinos, majorities of those earning more than $200,000 and less than $50,000, non-college whites in the Upper Midwest and 95 percent of blacks nationwide. Some obvious tensions there … It's not so clear either that bashing millionaires and corporate jets is going to rekindle the enthusiasm of young voters and Latinos discouraged after months of joblessness.” – The Washington Examiner

Congressman hits back at Holder in “Fast and Furious” probe, says the GOP isn’t interested in saying “kumbayah”

“Rep. Paul Gosar jabbed back at Attorney General Eric Holder after he swiped at him and other congressional Operation Fast and Furious investigators in a late Friday letter. Gosar told The Daily Caller that “In Main Street America, you’d never get away with” dissembling about the gun-walking program, and that in different circumstances, ”the people who’ve been responsible would’ve already been in jail.” Gosar also added his name to the short but growing list of those in Congress calling for the attorney general’s immediate resignation.” – Daily Caller 

Radical protesters push into D.C. and try taking over the Air and Space Museum, security guards push them back Rangel

“The Socialist Workers Party, who declined to be recorded, sported several signs opposing the war. Some protesters were so strongly anti-violent that they even marched on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and ‘shut it down’ because they felt that some of the exhibits tacitly supported war. Signs could be spotted in a large group of protesters who were marching in circles that read simply, ‘We love you.” The effect was somewhat spoiled, however, by other signs that read “F**k you, disgusting greedy unconscious mosquitos! You are a virus = We will find the cure!’”- Frum Forum

  • “Most of the U.S. “Occupy” protests share an Internet-focused outreach strategy, perhaps best showcased on the “We Are the 99 Percent” blog on the very fashionable Tumblr platform.” – Daily Caller 
  • Occupy Wall Street protesters heckle Congressman Charlie Rangel during NYC appearance. – YouTube 
  • Protesters refuse to allow civil rights legend Congressman John Lewis to speak at their rally. – YouTube  

Religious freedom could be on the line as the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether or not religious groups can continue sectarian hiring practices Supreme court

 “In an important test of the boundaries of the separation of church and state, the US Supreme Court on Wednesday heard arguments in a case examining whether a parochial school teacher may be barred from filing a discrimination lawsuit against her employer when the suit might entangle government in matters of religious faith.” – ABCNews 

  • “Americans constantly hear warnings about the threats posed by the religious right to the separation of church and state. Like prayers at high school football games, these usually turn out to be trivial or symbolic, and no threat at all.Much less is said about encroachments from the political left. These are more dangerous, both to religious institutions and to civil society in general. When government can make the rules for communities of faith, there's little else that stands in its way.”- IBD
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