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Newslinks for Friday October 14, 2011

Posted on 10/14/2011

Ryan Streeter on The Republican: If Perry manages to regain his mojo, he still needs to figure out the immigration issue

Today's Must-Read: This Is No Time For Moderation, from Peggy Noonan

Noonan Peggy"Moderation is normally the American mood, and good thing too. But maybe on the economy we need something bigger—something more fundamental and dramatic—to get back the old dynamism. At one point Mr. Romney spoke approvingly of "a tax break for middle-income Americans." It sounded like the authentic sound of last year's tax debate, not next year's." - Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal

Obama calls Boehner to congratulate him on passage of trade agreements but Speaker frostily insists on complaining about President's claim that he doesn't have jobs package - Politico

  • "The Speaker’s office rarely provides details of conversations with Obama; its decision to do so on Thursday underscores the souring of their relationship since their negotiations on a “grand bargain” on deficit reduction collapsed over the summer." - The Hill

McCain JohnJohn McCain promises Senate Republicans “will do everything” they can to try to “stop” Obama from implementing parts of his jobs plan without congressional approval - Daily Caller

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans unveil "five million jobs plan" - LA Times

"The Republican plan includes items on the GOP wish list, including repeal of the health-care law and the Dodd-Frank financial-sector regulatory overhaul, and limiting the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies to enact rules affecting industry. It also includes a call for a widespread overhaul of the corporate and individual tax codes, setting top rates at 25%, and would push forward the creation of a window allowing U.S. multinationals to bring overseas earnings back onshore at a lower tax rate." - WSJ

  • The Washington Post thinks we've had enough of partisan jobs plans: "There is a Senate Republican jobs plan and a House Republican jobs plan. There is a Democratic jobs plan and a progressive jobs plan. There is a new presidential jobs plan and an old presidential jobs plan, although both are equally dead. What Washington lacks is an actual jobs plan, with sufficient agreement from both parties to actually create jobs."

Cain: My pro-jobs, pro-growth plan

"The 9-9-9 plan is simple, transparent, efficient, fair and neutral. It taxes everything once but nothing twice. There will be the fewest opportunities to evade the tax and the least incentive to do so. More important, the plan will generate the most growth and jobs, and provide certainty to the engine of economic growth — the business sector." - Herman Cain for USA Today

  • Cain's 9-9-9 plan has echoes of Reagan's 10-10-10 plan - WSJ
  • Cain has twenty days to show he's good enough - Scott Reed quoted by Politico
  • Could Cain Be the Second Coming of Reagan? - Bernard Goldberg for Fox

Romney accuses the Chinese of stealing U.S. designs, patents, know-how and technologies

Romney on Fox"Republican Mitt Romney said Thursday that the United States was enduring “a trade surrender” and that if elected president, he would crack down on foreign importers who circumvent trade rules and take a tougher stance with China over intellectual property violations." - Washington Post | MSNBC

Mitt Romney writing in the Washington Post: "I will take a holistic approach to addressing all of China’s abuses. That includes unilateral actions such as increased enforcement of U.S. trade laws, punitive measures targeting products and industries that rely on misappropriations of our intellectual property, reciprocity in government procurement, and countervailing duties against currency manipulation. It also includes multilateral actions to block technology transfers into China and to create a trading bloc open only for nations genuinely committed to free trade."

Reasons why Romney has NOT yet won it

At the Daily Beast Howard Kurtz remembers how previous frontrunners have fallen. He also points to Romney's overall low numbers: "The lack of passion for Romney remains obvious, as do suspicions on the right that he is a Massachusetts moderate masquerading as a conservative. If you combine the support for Cain and Perry in that Wall Street Journal poll, 43 percent of Republican voters prefer his two top rivals, with Romney stuck at 23 percent—the same share of the vote he had in August."


"An analysis by the Huffington Post shows that the current rate of endorsements for all candidates, Romney included, remains behind the pace of the last five contested Republican nominations."

Rubio2012 in brief:

  • Over 60% of political insiders want Rubio as VP nominee - Hotline
  • "There is no realistic outcome in which the Tea Party will fail to capture the strategically critical runner-up slot" - Chris Ladd for FrumForum
  • Anita Perry said her husband, Rick, has been "brutalized" by his GOP presidential rivals - USA Today
  • Perry's Congressional supporters explain why they are sticking with him - Roll Call
  • The lesson of Perry's difficulties is you can't run for the presidency without preparing for many years - Byron York for the Washington Examiner
  • Ron Paul explains why he'll be meeting anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant French politician - Roll Call

The White House is getting irked about persistent speculation that Obama might dump Biden as his running mate in favor of Hillary Clinton - Washington Times

He may be tanking in the polls but Obama is still raising LOTS of money


President Obama has surged far ahead of his Republican rivals in raising money for the 2012 election, bringing in more than $150 million for his campaign and the Democratic Party from nearly 1 million donors - Washington Post

  • Without Independents, Obama Has No Chance of Victory - Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard
  • Trade Deals May Alienate Some Obama Supporters - NPR
  • I do not recall another president whose negative drumbeat about large segments of the population has been so relentless - David Moore in the WSJ

Rich Lowry: The stories of hardship on the We Are The 99% website are real

"Republicans often don’t even bother to try to connect their program to the troubles of workers down the income scale. The leading establishment Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, wants to cut their capital-gains taxes. The leading tea-party presidential candidate, Herman Cain, wants to raise their taxes. If nothing else, “We Are the 99 Percent” is a reminder that the suffering is real." - Rich Lowry at NRO

At the American Conservative Rod Dreher finds much that is pointless and offensive in OWS but he also has grudging respect for their attempt to make Wall Street realize their actions have consequences. 

  • TIME poll finds more sympathy for Occupy Wall Street than Tea Party
  • There are repeated incidents of anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street protests - PowerLine video
  • Political Insiders Say Dems Should Keep Their Distance From Occupy Wall Street Movement - Hotline

House passes pro-life measure

Sanctity"Under the Protect Life Act, which passed the House 251 to 172 Thursday night, no health insurance policy that offers abortion coverage could be purchased with federal money made available through the new health care law." - New York Times

Rejecting isolationism and activism; choosing targeted internationalism

"The Obama administration should set three international goals that it is capable of achieving: maintain the credibility of the dollar as the de facto reserve currency of the world; halt the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; and maintain peaceful relations with China. This is not a recipe for isolation, but for targeted internationalism; it is the only viable path to restoring lost leadership." - Jeremy Suri for the New York Times

And finally... Obama and Romney aides do battle via Twitter

"David Axelrod, Obama's political guru, tweeted today:

A year ago, Romney hit Obama in No Apology for being too tough on China. Now Mitt's a trade warrior? Should have called his book No Shame!

So Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's adviser, shot back:

@davidaxelrod You should rename Obama's book, "The Audacity of Indifference, or How I Golfed My Way Through a Recession."

More at USA Today.


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