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Afternoon update for October 30, 2011

Posted on 10/30/2011


2012 update from the Sunday shows:

  • Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 2.22.49 PMRick Perry on Fox: I’ve got a big war chest and I can definitely win this thing. - Politico
  • The “consistent conservative” Perry differentiates himself from Romney. - FoxNews
  • Fox’s Chris Wallace: Mitt Romney needs to stop avoiding the Sunday news shows. - Politico
  • Dick Armey: FreedomWorks likes Herman Cain. - Newsmax
  • We can balance the budget with lower revenues, Perry says. - Reuters
  • Bachmann’s only hope, Iowa, crumbling before her eyes. - Breitbart
  • Obama’s advisor David Plouffe says Romney lacks a “core” and would do anything to get elected. - TIME (video)
  • Santorum questions whether Obama’s Iraq policy is responsible for the Afghanistan bombing. - NBC
  • Ron Paul says there’s no way he’d consider being a third party candidate. - The Hill
  • The six best parodies of Cain’s smoking ad. - The Daily Beast
Obama troubles:
  • Demographics + economy = Trouble for Obama, as his 2008 coalition weakens. - LA Times
  • And he’s not winning friends with the 1% either: Bill Gates says he’s happy to pay more, but mathematically, taxing the rich is no solution to the deficit. - Newsmax

On the Hill: With the Nov. 23 deadline around the corner, the super committee isn’t anywhere close to a deal. - Roll Call ($)


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