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Newslinks for Monday September 12, 2011

Posted on 09/12/2011

5:15pm Monday afternoon must-reads: Obama's stimulus bill not going anywhere, Perry's continued Ponzi plan, and Bachmann's hypocritical stance

4:30pm John Rossomando on The Republican: Obama's jobs proposal is a non-starter

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 4.50.56 PM 4:00pm The Republican: Rick Perry one-ups Romney on the endorsement front: Reformer Bobby Jindal endorses the Texas governor while Pawlenty’s endorsement unravels

2:00pm John Rossomando on The Republican: Tea partiers face a demographic winter

1:45pm Ryan Streeter on The Republican: The wind is at Republicans' backs on regulatory reform - to a point

Screen shot 2011-09-12 at 1.35.00 PM11:30am Ryan Streeter on The Republican: Message to Perry's opponents: For now, beating up on him seems to be making him stronger, including with independents

11:00am Pawlenty endorses Romney on Fox

Ryan Streeter at The Republican: The Tea Party is both one of the most maligned and most representative movements America has seen

Bush and Obama, shoulder to shoulder on 9/11 Anniversary

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 5.36.01 AM
"On Sunday, for the first time, President Obama and former President George W. Bush stood together at the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, listening as family members read the names of lost love ones and bowing their heads in silence to mark the moments the planes hit." - New York Times

George W. Bush's Speech on the Anniversary of 9/11 The Atlantic

Barack Obama’s Speech on the Anniversary of 9/11 - WSJ

Congress to get Obama's jobs bill by the end of today...

Obama Unhappy "At a Rose Garden ceremony Monday, the president plans to announce that he will send the American Jobs Act to Congress at the end of the day, after both houses come back into session. 'He will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past,' the official said." - Politico

  • "Health care providers are warning that Obama’s new jobs plan could siphon jobs from the industry." - Politico
  • "As House Republicans embark on their fall agenda, they face a steep challenge: working out how a party that doesn’t believe the government should create jobs can best present a job-creation platform." - The Hill

...But House Republicans aren't keen on allowing the President any legislative victories

Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.44.24 "House Republicans may pass bits and pieces of President Barack Obama’s jobs plan, but behind the scenes, some Republicans are becoming worried about giving Obama any victories — even on issues the GOP has supported in the past. And despite public declarations about finding common ground with Obama, some Republicans are privately grumbling that their leaders are being too accommodating with the president. ... Even with the presence of so many GOP-friendly provisions in Obama’s plan — like trade agreements and small-business tax relief — some senior lawmakers are pulling back, wondering how the president will ensure his initiatives will not add to the nation’s debt." - Politico

Conservatives and liberals united in opposing Obama's payroll tax cut extension

"When Obama first pushed to include the proposal in a tax package in December, House liberals said the tax holiday would threaten the Social Security trust fund, which is maintained through the payroll levy. Now that he wants to extend and deepen the tax cut, a number of House Republicans are making the same argument." - The Hill

Ross Douthat: Obama's "jobs bill" represents what he should have done at the beginning of his term

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 10.36.59 "His speech to Congress last week suggested that he intends to campaign for re-election on what should have been the blueprint for his first four years in office: a short-term stimulus highlighted by a payroll tax cut, a medium-term push to overhaul the tax code and a plan for long-term entitlement reform." - Ross Douthat in the New York Times

  • "President Obama called for a second stimulus package during his Thursday night address to a joint session of Congress. That sounds like a dog-bites-man story -- an unremarkable request from a president wedded to liberal theories that encourage government intervention in the economy." - Washington Examiner editorial
  • "Obama is like the guy in the bar who says, 'I'll stand drinks for everyone in the house,' and then adds, 'Those guys over there are going to pay for them.'" - Michael Barone at TownHall

Republicans poised for upset victory in NY-9 

Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 11.09.04 "A second poll shows Republican Bob Turner poised to pull off an upset in Tuesday’s special election ... The survey, conducted by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, shows Turner, a retired cable company executive, leading Democratic state Assemblyman David Weprin, 47 percent to 41 percent. The results are similar to a Siena Research Institute poll released on Friday that showed Turner leading Weprin 50 percent to 44 percent in the special election to replace Weiner, who resigned in disgrace." - Politico

  • And Republicans are likely to hold on to Sen. Dean Heller's vacant Congressional district - NV-2 - Mark Amodei leads Democrat Kate Marshall 50% to 37%. - Political Wire

Republican lead in NY election shows Democrats’ vulnerability

"Losing a seat such as this one ... probably would have a chilling effect on the willingness of Democrats running in vulnerable districts and states to support any aspects of the president’s agenda between now and 2012. And that’s the last thing an embattled White House seeking political allies needs right now." - Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post

The deficit supercommittee's narrow timeframe means old ideas are being revisited

Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 11.12.21
"With just 10 weeks to figure out how to slash $1.5 trillion, the bipartisan panel of 12 lawmakers seems more content to flip through a menu of old options, recycling proposals from bipartisan groups and commissions that have come before it. ... While that doesn’t sound terribly ambitious, it does create a pretty familiar road map for the deficit panel: tax code reform, including closing loopholes for special interests and overhauling the big entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security." - Politico

  • "Led by President Obama, pressure is building on the new Congressional committee on deficit reduction to 'go big' — beyond its mandate to shave as much as $1.5 trillion from budget shortfalls over 10 years" - New York Times
  • "When it comes to a lobbying strategy for the supercommittee, K Street has a new plan: use Main Street." - Politico

September in Congress: multiple deadlines may mean more last-minute negotiations

Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 10.19.37"In the next few weeks, Congress will face a flurry of deadlines, from the expiring gas tax to paying for the nation’s transportation projects, not to mention funding the entire federal government — raising the question of whether it will once again push Uncle Sam to the brink. If recent history is any indication, lawmakers won’t be able to help themselves. In the span of six months, they barely averted a government shutdown this spring, flirted with default over the debt ceiling and blew a deadline to fund the Federal Aviation Administration, forcing worker furloughs." - Politico

House Republicans will add 10 Members to their incumbent protection program today

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 10.37.50 "The National Republican Congressional Committee doubled the size of the Patriot program this week as part of its preparations to defend the party’s majority in 2012, according to the new roster of Members obtained exclusively by Roll Call. The NRCC added nine freshmen and one veteran Member to the incumbent protection program. It’s also the NRCC’s way of showcasing Members who have met certain campaign benchmarks for their re-election races." - Roll Call 

Why the Perry-Romney slugfest plays right into Obama’s hands

Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 11.56.31 PM "So long as the president does not pull the trigger on a deficit reduction deal with congressional Republicans on Social Security and Medicare that could blur these differences, the Romney-Perry battle could crucially change the nature of the general election. ... Every moment they spend sparring over the New Deal and Great Society is a boon to Barack Obama. Even if the incumbent cannot win a referendum on his own presidency, he can win a competition between the ghost of Barry Goldwater and the ghosts of FDR and LBJ." - Ed Kilgore, in the New Republic

  • "The key point is that, unlike a Ponzi scheme, Social Security can be reformed and it will have to be if current workers are to receive any return on their current taxes." - The WSJ says neither Perry nor Romney is helping the cause of Social Security reform. 
  • Until a half a minute ago, liberals called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, too. - Stanley Kurtz in National Review

Republicans still shopping for a presidential nominee... but Bachmann's chances are fading

Bachmann "No dramatic gaffe or sudden change in direction explains how Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota fell out of favor with Republican voters — almost as quickly as she won them over when she joined the presidential race in June. What does explain Bachmann’s precipitous rise and fall is the fact that Republicans, despite their urgent desire to defeat President Obama next year, still aren’t sure exactly what they want in his replacement." - Washington Post

Previewing the CNN/Tea Party Express debate tonight Screen shot 2011-08-12 at 09.55.59

  • "For former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), it will be a chance to paint Perry as unelectable in a general election. For the remaining participating candidates, it may be their final opportunity to grab enough attention to show they are still relevant in a race where support is quickly congealing behind Perry and Romney." - The Hill
  • "Mitt Romney and his advisers have been pushing hard against Rick Perry over the Texas governor's description of Social Security as a 'Ponzi scheme.' Now, another Republican rival, Michele Bachmann, is preparing to hit Perry on the same issue." - Washington Examiner
  • Bachmann: "Now, with polls showing her popularity dwindling, her campaign is hoping to recapture its early momentum by again showcasing her strengths in a national debate on Monday night." - New York Times

Other 2012 news:

  • Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 12.54.13Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s humble origins and down home straight talk are central to his political identity, but for years Perry has enjoyed lavish perks and travel – mostly funded by a group of deep-pocketed supporters – that are allowed under his state’s lax ethics and campaign rules." - Politico
  • "According to a CNN/ORC International Poll, what appears to be Perry's greatest strength - the perception among Republicans that he is the candidate with the best chance to beat President Barack Obama in 2012 - seems to be exactly what the GOP rank and file are looking for." - CNN
  • "Texas Gov. Rick Perry has taken many steps to strengthen his authority and centralize control in what is traditionally a weak governorship." - WSJ ($)
  • What’s with Romney’s awkward jokes? Harvard’s ‘wit and humor’ professor explains - The New Republic
  • Pro-Bachmann PAC to air ad hitting Perry on illegal immigration - The Hill
  • Huntsman struggling in Florida - Politico



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