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Afternoon update for September 30, 2011

Posted on 09/30/2011


John Rossomando on The Republican: Separate secularism and state

Video: The real Congressional Black Caucus is unmasked

2012 update:

  • Could latecomers to the GOP presidential field face uphill battles in early primary states? – Daily Caller ChrisChristie
  • Christie could face crunch getting his name on the ballot should he announce – Politico
  • Is Obama having trouble raising money for his re-election?  Numbers say yes – CBSNews
  • Bachmann cribs attack line against Perry from Romney – The Atlantic
  • Poll shows Christie and Obama in statistical dead heat, 44% to 43% - Rasmussen Reports

Terror mastermind killing update:

  • Yemen air strike delivers devastating blow against U.S.-born terror mastermind – Investigative Project on Terrorism
  • Obama channels G.W. Bush, Reagan, says “terrorists will not find a safe haven anywhere”- USA  Today 
  • Awlaki death coincides with Yemeni dictator’s return, coincidence? - CNN
  • Ron Paul condemns Awlaki “assassination”- MSNBC


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