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Afternoon update for September 28, 2011

Posted on 09/28/2011

John Rossomando on The Republican: Hey Lady Gaga: What about the nerds? Are some bullying victims more equal than others?


2012 update:

  • Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 3.00.53 PM Rick Perry says he regrets his “heartless” comments on immigration. - Newsmax
  • Christie’s father reflects on his son’s chances against Obama: Yeah, he’d win. - NRO
  • While the RCP polling average for Iowa still shows Perry in front, a new Iowa poll shows Romney with a commanding lead. - Weekly Standard
  • Cain looking pretty good these days in head to head match-ups with Obama. - Daily Caller
  • Romney doesn’t care much for straw polls…except when he does well in them. - Hotline
  • Democrats may have a hard time holding onto the Senate in 2012. - RCP
The West’s debt problems:
  • Greece’s balance sheets are even worse than you thought, which means Europe is worse than you thought. - VOX
  • And so are we…the U.S. deficit has reached a tipping point. - Forbes

Screen shot 2011-09-28 at 2.57.27 PM

On the Hill:

  • Super Joe and Super Tom: Lieberman and Coburn urge the Super Committee to adopt their Medicare reform plan The Hill


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