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Newslinks for Thursday August 11, 2011

Posted on 08/11/2011

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 21.56.23 5:00pm Video: You don't like my answer you vote for someone else: Romney takes on hecklers at the Iowa state fair

4:45pm The Republican: What they're saying: The GOP's 'super committee six' reflect on their recently announced appointments

3:15pm Rep. Pete Olson: To infer that the Tea Party was the reason behind this rating change is beyond preposterous - it's the spending, Stupid 

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 18.52.45 1:45pm The Republican: Perry enters the race at the top of the pack, but the latest 2012 poll shows only one Republican ahead of Obama - unfortunately he's not running

1:00pm Video: Cautiously optimistic: Freshman Sen. Pat Toomey weighs in on what he's expecting from the bipartisan super committee 

11:15am Sen. John Thune: For the president to hold trade opportunities hostage to a demand backed by his union base leaves us with nothing but missed opportunities

10:00am The Republican: Economic pessimism and the 2012 youth vote

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 14.55.26 9:45am Rick Perry weighs in on his 2012 decision:

9:30am Video:

The Republican: What's lurking below the surface? Can the London riots happen here in America?

"Republican House and Senate leaders named six conservative diehards Wednesday to the new deficit-cutting committee, but the appointees' histories suggested they might be open to striking a deal with Democrats." - WSJ

Murray-1 "Democratic Sen. Patty Murray is under scrutiny from Republicans, watchdog groups and even some liberal activists as she sits atop the powerful deficit reduction “super committee,” while she plans to raise millions of dollars running the campaign arm for Senate Democrats." - Politico

  • "Not bad" - WSJ's verdict on the picks for the Committee so far BUT remember, Nancy Pelosi has yet to nominate her choices.
  • "Two of the Republican appointees have a history of working with Democrats. All oppose tax increases, but at least one supports eliminating tax breaks like the subsidies for ethanol." - New York Times
  • "Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) will serve as the de facto Tea Party voice on Congress's "supercommittee" following his surprise appointment to the deficit-reduction panel." - The Hill
  • New York Times infographic on the 9 of 12 appointees so far

Analyzing recent polling The Economist says Americans are in denial about budget solutions

"There seems to be some kind of widespread delusion that a small tax increase on the rich, combined with cuts in not-very-important spending categories will somehow deliver us from fiscal ruin. There is little appetite for the cuts in military and entitlement spending necessary to bring America's books toward balance." - Economist

RedWisconsin "Unions across the country threw everything they had to defeat Wisconsin state senators who voted for collective bargaining reforms for government workers, and on Tuesday the unions lost." - WSJ

  • But they only lost narrowly notes E J Dionne in the Washington Post: "Republicans can say, and it’s true, that a very conservative governor carried out a very conservative agenda and escaped defeat. But he did not escape rebuke, and progressives can legitimately claim that having watched conservatives take fight after fight to their adversaries, a labor-liberal coalition reversed these roles in Wisconsin. Conservatives withstood this assault. Progressives made modest but measurable advances."
  • Michael Barone for Washington Examiner however concludes: "These results show Republicans about as strong as they were in 2010, when Republican Scott Walker was elected governor by a 52%-46% margin, and they show Democrats weaker than they were in 2008, when Barack Obama carried Wisconsin 56%-42%."
  • Wisc. Results Suggest Recall of Governor Would Be Close - Nate Silver
  • "Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday's recall elections involving state senators suggest that voters in his state and nationwide will focus on two issues next year: jobs and government spending." - USA Today

ReincePriebusChairmanWisconsinGOP PS, Tim Mak at Frum Forum sees the Wisconsin win as a victory for son of the state and RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus: "For Priebus, this was something more personal – he has strong ties in Wisconsin, as the former chairman of the state GOP. While he was running for the RNC chairmanship, Priebus would frequently make reference to the GOP’s victories in Wisconsin, name-dropping Sen. Ron Johnson and Gov. Scott Walker as evidence of his accomplishments. A week ago, Priebus said that the RNC was “all in” on the Wisconsin recall. If the Republicans had suffered the loss of the state senate, so too would the RNC have suffered a loss of prestige."

Republican debate candidates brace for Iowa fight night - Politico previews the first GOP/2012 debate in two months

  • Five things worth watching for in the Iowa debate, including "Will the pack attack Romney?" - Daily Caller
  • Rick Perry, tonight's missing man - Washington Examiner

2012-RACE Other GOP/2012:

  • "According to a CNN/ ORC International poll, 15 percent of Republicans and independents who lean towards the GOP pick Perry as their first choice for their party's nomination, just two points behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney."
  • With Return to Iowa, Romney Heeds Call of G.O.P. Strategists - New York Times
  • In Iowa, Romney Blames Obama for America's 'Crisis' - American Spectator
  • Mitt’s Vanishing Act - Frank Bruni in the New York Times attacks Romney for alleged silence on the big debates
  • Perry stands with the traditional Republican foreign policy and defense consensus - Commentary
  • Late entry presents challenges to Rick Perry's hopes - Fox
  • The Telegraph's Toby Harnden on Perry: "Perry is consistently underestimated. I was struck by how many people mentioned his determination, his ability to plan (and he’s been methodically planning his presidential bid for many weeks now) and his propensity for hard work."

Obama Marks 9/11 at Ramadan Dinner - WSJ

Obama's ugly campaign plan

"Obama's aides and advisers are preparing to center the president's reelection campaign on a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney's character and business background, a strategy grounded in the early-stage expectation that the former Massachusetts governor is the likely GOP nominee." - David Frum for The Week

Gore Al Another sign of the Left's unhappiness with POTUS: "Al Gore for president" - Brent Budowsky for The Hill

Transportation Spending Is the Right Stimulus: China and Brazil are surpassing us with state-of-the-art ports and roads - Democrat Ed Rendell and Republican Scott Smith in the Wall Street Journal

"Yes, the United States has problems. But let's not lose sight of its many strengths."

"Consider our strengths, beginning with who we are. The United States remains the land where people around the world dream of living, and they still arrive in substantial numbers, enriching our melting-pot society and energizing the economy. Our population today is at just over 300 million, with a modest and steady growth rate. Almost every other major industrial power is in decline, with low birthrates and aging populations that will soon put a huge strain on their economies." - Michael O'Hanlon in the LA Times

And finally...

"Cloning sheep. Cloning humans, even. Caning teen vandals. Believing that aliens have descended from space and abducted humans. These are all things that, at one time or another, have enjoyed more public backing than Congress is getting right now." - WashingtonPost



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