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Newslinks for Wednesday August 31, 2011

Posted on 08/31/2011

5:00pm Sen. Rob Portman wants your input: Send your budget cut ideas to the deficit reduction “super committee”

4:45pm House Speaker John Boehner tactfully calls out President Obama's latest political ploy

3:15pm Video: 925 days since President Obama last presented a jobs plan, yet somehow he's managed to squeeze in 75 rounds of golf

2:45pm Rep. Peter Roskam: How Obama's rules hold back Chicago business

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 19.40.12 2:15pm Video: "At a fundamental level this administration doesn't understand the meaning of 9/11": Former Governor George Pataki slams Obama's 10th anniversary 'guidelines'

12:30pm Playing politics (again), President Obamas requests to give his jobs speech the same night as the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation GOP debate

12:00pm The Republican: Atrocious: Andre Carson shows just how far the left will go to distort reality

11:45am The Republican: Citing "continual lying" by event organizers, Sarah Palin put Iowa appearance "on hold"

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 16.18.07 11:15am The Republican: Want to monitor Obama's poor job performance easily on the go? There's an app for that!

11:00am Rep. Phil Gingrey, MD: A Balanced Budget Amendment is a game-changer - it’s permanent, implemented nation-wide, and the best chance we have at saving our nation’s coffers from their biggest enemy — the federal government

10:30am The Republican: And the bad news just keeps building for President Obama as support for the health care law hits an all time low

10:00am Video:


The Republican: Breaking down the Perry-Romney-Obama contest and the mystery of the independent voter

Video: Dick Cheney talks to Sean Hannity about his forthcoming memoir

NRO's Lopez offers random highlights from Cheney's book.

In face of Perry surge in national and state polls, Romney abandons focus on fundraising and infrastructure - WSJ

The Daily Caller looks at Romney's new readiness to party with the Tea Party: "The GOP presidential candidate will join the Tea Party Express for an event in New Hampshire over Labor Day weekend, the first tea party rally he’s ever attended that has been hosted by a national organization, according to organizers."

Romney should focus on Perry's social security views - William Galston for TNR

Romney makes subtle dig at Perry, attacking "career politicians" - Fox

But Obama remains Romney's main target: "Romney warned on Tuesday that America was on the brink of “profound economic misery,” the latest effort by the Republican presidential candidate to paint an unrelentingly grim picture of the country under President Obama’s leadership." - New York Times

As they reach for the sharpest contrast they can find with President Obama, the Republican presidential hopefuls are sounding anything but hopeful - Michael D Shear for the New York Times

Bachmann Bachmann and women politicians can't win in the 'looking good' game

"If a woman isn’t concerned with her appearance, you can be certain everyone else will be. The same folks who are now accusing Bachmann of “acting like a celebrity” and being a “diva” would talk about how dog-tired and haggard she looks if her handlers didn’t make sure her props were in order. Before long the word would be out: She can’t take the heat. She’s exhausted." - Kathleen Parker for the Washington Post

Liberals embrace the rhetoric of science, but not its cautious and dispassionate reasoning - At NRO Rich Lowry responds to Democrats' attempts to paint Perry and other Republicans as anti-science.

Perry says Obama's advisers are smart but not wise - Hotline

Palin headed to New Hampshire after tea-party speech in Iowa this weekend - HotAir

"Fred Karger is an openly gay activist seeking the 2012 GOP nomination on a platform of jobs and education—and ending the Defense of Marriage Act. Mark McKinnon on why no one’s heard of him."

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 11.59.23

More in the Daily Beast

Karger's website.

The impact of targeted web ads - Politico

Democrats' winning streak in special House elections is set to end in Nevada - Washington Post

DeMint Jim Senator DeMint repeats he won't run again in 2016 - USA Today

Tea Party has had enough of Christine O'Donnell

"O’Donnell has been abruptly removed from the speakers list at an event sponsored by Tea Party of America featuring Sarah Palin in Iowa. According to the group’s co-founder, Charlie Gruschow, he received a flood of “emails from a lot of tea party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.” As a result, the event organizers decided it was in the best interests of the Tea Party “movement” not to have O’Donnell speak." - FrumForum

Republicans on Deficit Panel Meet; Democrats to Talk Wednesday - Roll Call

Left want Obama to get people to work immediately even if there's a big price tag - LA Times

But Andrew Stiles at NRO reminds his readers of Obama's ten worst anti-jobs regulations.

  • "Boehner noted Tuesday that the total cost of Obama's seven proposed regulations could exceed $100 billion and he's now requesting a full cost estimate for 219 other proposed rules that are expected to have a significant impact on the economy." - Washington Examiner

Blaming Bush may still work for Obama

BUSH&FLAG "In a recent Associated Press-gfK survey, 51 percent said that Bush deserved “almost all” or “a lot but not all” of the blame for the “country’s current economic problems”. Just 31 percent said the same of Obama... The problem for Obama and his political team is that it’s not entirely clear how long the public will continue to put the lion’s share of blame for the economy on the last occupant of the White House. Elections tend to be about the future not the past and Republicans are and will continue to do everything they can to make sure Obama owns the economy." - Chris Cillizza for the Washington Post

A cartoon mocks the growing list of events and people that Obama blames - PowerLine.

  • Obama is as bad as Bush on the environment - Mark Bittman in the New York Times

Obama has not rescued public standing of federal government but has surrendered to special interests - Jay Cost in the Weekly Standard

  • State and local governments did what they are meant to during Hurricane Irene - Jim Lacey for NRO

Pat Buchanan: blacks ‘inordinately overrepresented’ as federal civil servants - Daily Caller

"If Powell was ever an actual Republican, he was of the Nelson Rockefeller variety." - RedState



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