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Newslinks for Saturday August 20, 2011

Posted on 08/20/2011

7:00pm Saturday evening political economy insight: Unemployment up in battleground states, while Coke invests $4 billion in...China, meaning more soda jobs overseas.

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 5.13.55 PM

4:30pm The Republican: Is Paul Ryan's lack of executive experience - compared to Christie's - a problem? Or might we be overrating executive experience a bit too much?

3:30pm Videos:

3:00pm Video: Watch this video and you've gotta believe Sarah Palin is running for President

1:00pm The Republican: One week on: Perry makes Washington more inconsequential, Paul wants to be more consequential, Huntsman makes himself more inconsequential

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 8.17.35 AMVideo: John Kasich gives the weekly Republican address: Ohio's success has come through keeping taxes low, something Obama has actually acknowledged

Is the media just too arrogant to give Ron Paul fair coverage?

“Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), who has endorsed Paul, told the Hill that ‘fair-minded people don't know why Ron Paul is not given adequate press.’ He pointed the finger at the 'arrogance of certain people in the media who don't think he can win.' Jones said he was especially disappointed in the conservative-leaning press.” - The Hill

  • Punk rocker tries to help make up the difference with a special tribute to Paul. - Daily Caller

Rick Perry’s balancing act: Trying to be candidate of the far-right and the center-right

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 8.28.30 AM “Rick Perry is the closest thing to an establishment candidate that the tea party is going to accept, and he is the closest thing to a tea party candidate that the GOP establishment is going to accept.” - Washington Post

More on 2012:

  • Huntsman loses another senior staffer as Lanny Wiles departs the campaign. - Politico
  • “Iowa Passion”: Sarah Palin is out with a new video of Iowans praising her in a video that makes her look like a candidate. - LA Times
  • Rick Perry’s hidden asset: Hispanics. - National Journal
  • Bachmann stands by her pledge to bring gas prices down to $2. Washington Times
  • …And gets jabbed quite a bit for saying Americans fear the “rise of the Soviet Union.” - USA Today
  • Rick Perry: C’mon Obama, food stamps are not stimulus. David Freddoso at Beltway Confidential
  • Paul Ryan should run for President: Michael Medved lays out 5 reasons why at The Daily Beast

George Will explains why Chris Christie is not running for President

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 8.29.40 AM “He relishes being America’s Caesar — its most powerful governor. He wields a line-item veto, he can revise spending numbers but only down (he blocked $1.3 billion in spending this year) and he can exercise a “conditional veto,” rewriting legislation and sending it back to the Legislature for approval…When supporters argue, ‘You can’t say you’re not ready — look at Obama,’ he replies: ‘Yeah, look at him.’” - Washington Post

  • Are Pawlenty’s ex-staffers holding out for Christie anyway? - Political Wire

Does Paul Ryan have the experience to be President?

  • John McCormack gives his reasons why Ryan’s lack of executive experience should not be an inhibitor - Weekly Standard
  • While Philip Klein offers an opposing view at the Examiner’s Beltway Confidential

After heated protests and recall elections, Scott Walker says the Republicans are “winning the battle for Wisconsin”

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 8.43.30 AM “Reflecting on the recall vote, Mr. Walker points to the strong turnout and four GOP victories as an indicator of where the electorate stands on his reforms. Viewing Wisconsin through the prism of the rotunda rabble-rousers, he cautions, would be a mistake. ‘You can get a pretty skewed perspective,’ he says, here in the capital. Beyond Dane County, where gray-beard professors and union heavies roost, Republicans, he tells me, are winning the battle for Wisconsin.” - Bob Costa in the Wall Street Journal

Obamanomics in the crosshairs

Obama Unhappy Facing the possibility of another recession, Obama has “one slight problem: Nothing [he] has tried recently has worked, despite a dozen “pivots” to job creation in the last two years.” - Politico

  • Jeff Sachs: Obama has never had “a plan. And that's what everybody feels. And the president didn't lead. He waited. - Real Clear Politics
  • The President is feeling the heat from the green movement to show more leadership. - The Hill
  • Cornel West says Obama’s “rhetoric is running out of steam.” - Examiner
  • More than 90% of those who would pay more under Obama’s tax plan aren’t millionaires, and a good many of them are small business owners we’re expecting to create jobs. Irwin Stelzer at the Weekly Standard
  • John Podhoretz looks at history and concludes, “Obama’s doomed.” - New York Post
  • John Kasich says that Obama isn’t showing enough leadership on the economy. - The Hill
  • Joe Biden in China: Thank you for buying our Treasury bills, and don’t worry, our debt load is not a problem. - Chicago Tribune
  • Meanwhile, Obama’s approval rating drops to 35% in Pennsylvania. - Political Wire

Michael Barone: It’s hard to tell the difference between Obama’s writers and the staff writers at The Onion

Team Obama writes that the “approximately $100,000,000 in stimulus money spent on weatherizing houses in California succeeded in producing just 538 jobs and that $59,000,000 in federal, state and private money devoted to producing ‘green job’” in California has led to 719 job placements in a state of 37,000,000. How do you say pathetic in Californian? That’s about $185,000 per weatherization job and $82,000 per ‘green job.’” - Examiner

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 8.34.01 AM Charles Koch responds to Buffett: Go ahead, send more money to Washington, but you'll only aid the government in doing more damage - Daniel Foster at The Corner

Washington may be torn by partisan conflict, but at least the job market is good - Gallup

In a race against the debt’s ticking clock, the super committee gets held up by…logistics - Roll Call

Preview of the Sunday Shows: Mitch Daniels, Bob McDonnell, Jon Huntsman and more - Hotline



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