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Newslinks for Friday June 24, 2011

Posted on 06/24/2011

6:15pm Video:

5:00pm The Republican: Romney's a dissembler, not just a flip-flopper, which is why his frontrunner status is such a paradox

12:45pm The Republican: The Republicans are winning the public argument about reducing the deficit

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 12.40.59 PM 12:00pm Video on the Fair Tax: Sen. Richard Lugar reminds voters that for 16 years he has been advocating the Fair Tax and spells out its advantages

10:30am Sen. John Barrasso on Obama's decision to release oil from our reserves handcuffs developers and shows he is committed to keeping us more dependent than ever on foreign energy

8:45am Video:

Students for Ryan 2012

Students for Paul Ryan is live: If you or someone you know is in college, read this

Ryan Streeter on The Republican: A Tea Party on the Left? Good luck with that

Natalie Gonnella on The Republican: What they're saying: House freshmen slam President Obama's decision to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

GOP demands to meet with President Obama as debt talks collapse over tax hikes 

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 11.39.10 "White House-led deficit reduction talks unraveled Thursday as a top Republican pulled out, putting pressure on President Obama to help resolve an impasse over the key issue holding up a deal: whether to allow new revenue by ending certain tax breaks." - LA Times | Washington Post

  • "Cantor's exit leaves debt talks up to Boehner, Obama to get deal" - The Hill
  • Why Cantor's move was inevitable - The Fix on the Washington Post
  • Eli Lehrer: GOP must call Democrats' bluff on Medicare cuts - FrumForum

Yesterday on The Republican: Cantor and Kyl's exit from the budget negotiations show just how ideological the Democrats are these days

The 2012 litmus test: Paul Ryan's budget plan

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 11.40.18 "Republicans are already on notice that Democrats plan to use Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal as a key 2012 wedge issue. What they didn’t expect, however, was that Ryan’s blueprint would also turn out to be a polarizing force within GOP primaries. Across the Senate election map, in swing state after swing state, the House Budget Committee chairman’s plan for overhauling the popular entitlement program is emerging as a serious point of tension, a pick-your-poison proposition, forcing GOP candidates to choose between the narrow dictates of conservative primary voters and the imperatives of the broader general election." - Politico

> Yesterday on Video: Paul Ryan: The whole idea of the Republican budget is to reform the welfare state, help people get on their feet, and promote entrepreneurship

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offers plan to move trade deals forward

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.13.03 "Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, seeking to spur action on three long-delayed free trade agreements, said on Thursday he was prepared to help the White House renew a retraining program for workers displaced by trade but added a major demand of his own. 'Given the importance of these free trade agreements to our economy and the economic recovery, Senator McConnell is prepared to commit to help get passed an appropriate TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) bill this year that includes a reauthorization of TPA (Trade Promotion Authority),' McConnell spokesman Michael Brumas said in an email. But McConnell wants Congress to vote on the trade deals before considering TAA and TPA, Brumas added." - New York Times

Obama agrees to tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve as oil prices rise

"The International Energy Agency is releasing 60 million barrels of oil -- half of which will be supplied by the U.S. -- into the world market over the next month, as high gas prices continue to aggravate the lurching economic recovery. The price of oil quickly dropped on Thursday from nearly $95 a barrel to about $91 following the announcement, but any effect that could have at the pump won't be felt for another month -- roughly the time it takes to refine oil into gasoline. Market analysts expect minimal decreases in gas prices, considering global oil consumption stands at 89 million barrels of oil a day." - Washington Examiner

  • Decision to tap SPR has far reaching implications - National Journal
  • Editorial: "What’s confounding about the reserve release is that it doesn’t seem to meet the president’s professed standards. “The reserve should only be used in the event of an emergency,” Obama said in 2005. Unless the administration can make a persuasive case that disaster lurks, we will be compelled to face a situation more corrosive than rising gas prices or the lack of a comprehensive energy policy -- the sense that our leaders are making short-sighted decisions for political gain." - Bloomberg

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.27.46 Mullen, Petraeus publicly back Obama's Afghan plan - Washington Post | LA Times

  • "Congressional Democrats are leading the criticism of President Barack Obama's troop withdrawal plan from Afghanistan, arguing his timeline for bringing 33,000 U.S. troops is too slow." - MSNBC
  • Michael Gerson: "Given the difficulty of the undertaking, the weariness of Americans and the erosion of support in both parties, it would take exceptional leadership to achieve a good outcome in Afghanistan. Even limping across the 2014 deadline will require some positive effort of persuasion. For years, our conflicted president has been largely silent in this task. His words were worse." - Washington Post
  • The Tea Party's conundrum: "The anybody-but-Mitt Romney faction may pose a problem for his presidential ambitions." - Politico

Kimberley J. Strassel: The GOP's War Powers opportunism

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.17.56 "The GOP's obsessive focus on deficits has already risked losing it the upper hand on the growth-and-jobs argument. Its accountant mentality now risks costing it a clear view on defense. It risks far more. Mr. Boehner said this week he didn't want to do anything to "undermine NATO," but the mere passage of the Republican resolutions will do just that. The GOP can then share responsibility with Mr. Obama for losing in Libya and emboldening a tin-pot dictator. How's that for an electoral pitch?" - WSJ

  • "New U.S. intelligence shows Col. Moammar Gadhafi is "seriously considering" fleeing Tripoli for a more secure location outside the capital." - WSJ
  • Charles Krauthammer: "The power to [declare] war is a relic" - Washington Post

"Bowing to criticism, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that it will no longer automatically require pat-downs for children under 12 years old who trigger security concerns." - The Hill

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.13.54 Also from Congress:

  • In one of the strangest pairings in Congress, Ron Paul and Barney Frank team up to legalize marijuana - USA Today
  • "Having been cited for irregular record keeping by the Federal Election Commission, the political action committee run by the Congressional Black Caucus has paid a $5,000 fine and recently filed close to two dozen amended campaign finance reports in a bid to clear up its books." - Roll Call($)
  • "The House passed an overhaul of the Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, despite pressure from a host of GOP factions to kill the legislation." - Roll Call ($)

Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 12.54.13Other news from the 2012 field:

  • Congressman Thaddeus McCotter weighs a presidential bid - USA Today
  • Steve Chapman: "Perry has the advantage of being able to claim that his state accounts for more than 37 percent of all the jobs created since the recession officially ended, which could make a vote for him feel more pragmatic than ideological." - Washington Examiner
  • "The Enigma of Jon Huntsman: Will civility, compromise and Chinese experience attract GOP voters?" - Peggy Noonan in the WSJ
  • Romney dominates GOP "cash dash" - Politico

Report says the US is unprepared for WMD attack

"The United States is unprepared for an attack involving weapons of mass destruction, according to a report by the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. The report, and the commission’s prediction that it is “more likely than not” that a WMD will be used by terrorists by the end of 2013, were the principal topics at Thursday’s joint subcommittee hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee on the Weapons of Mass Destruction Prevention and Preparedness Act of 2011. " - The Hill

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.16.43 News from the states:

  • New Jersey passes Chris Christie's benefits reform - Politico
  • "Amid a year of relentless challenges to their power around the country, unions notched a victory this week when New Hampshire Republicans failed to muster enough votes to override the governor's veto of a right-to-work bill." - WSJ
  • Obama avoids US marriage debate - Washington Post

Jeb Bush and Joe Klein: The case for common educational standards

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 09.20.29 "It is the states' responsibility to foster an education system that leads to rising student achievement. State leaders, educators, teachers and parents are empowered to ensure every student has access to the best curriculum and learning environment. Governors and lawmakers across the country are acting to adopt bold education reform policies. This is the beauty of our federal system. It provides 50 testing sites for reform and innovation. The Common Core State Standards are an example of states recognizing a problem, then working together, sharing what works and what doesn't." - WSJ

Editorial: Obama revs up the patronage machine - LA Times



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