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July 14, 2011


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Portman's statement that health reform will "kill 800,000 jobs" is a shocking misrepresentati on of what CBO and its Director, Doug Elmendorf, actually concluded in its report to Congress. According to the CBO report, health reform will lower the costs of obtaining individual health insurance so much that some people who had previously taken jobs solely in order to obtain health insurance will choose not to work. If the lower cost of individual insurance means that a mother can stay home to look after her kids, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. And it certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with "costing 800,000 jobs". Portman - like so many participants in the right wing echo chamber - have gotten this point 180 degrees wrong.

David Marker

Senator Portman,
I want to let you know how important I think it is to increase the debit ceiling. Just this week my 403b account has lost almost 6%, and as I am approaching retirement, I need every dollar I have. I also want to say that to me and most Americans, compromise is not a dirty word, it is the way most people live on a daily basis. Please do everything you possibly can to help resolve this issue. Last, I also believe that the spending must be reduced but I do not beleive that an Amendment to the Consitition is needed--We just need our Senators and and Representatives to do the job they were elected to do. thank you, David Marker

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