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November 23, 2010


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Mr Barone needs to understand some simple demographic realities.

All the evidence (particularly in states like California) show that increased land prices (due largely to mass immigration) high crime rates, (due to mass immigration) bad public schools, (again due largely to mass immigration) all mean that Americans are forming fewer families. Fewer married families being formed means fewer Republican votes because the best predictor of whether you vote Republican is whether you are married with children. Add this trend to the ever expanding hispanic vote (well whadaya know, again due to mass immigration) spells the end of the Republican Party as an electable party unless they follow the tory party's example and become indistinguishable from liberal democrats.

Moral of the story: if Republicans don't want to end up in the dustbin of history they need to bring an end to large scale immigration legal and illegal - IMMEDIATELY. (it really should have been done twenty years ago.)

Anon - UK

Speaking as an outsider I would have thought that religious hispanics would have more common values with the Republicans than they would the Democrats. Correct me if I am wrong.

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