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What we do and what we believe

Posted on 11/06/2010

Elephant shield WHAT WE DO

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We believe in a broader Republican Party as represented by our eleven shields, explained here.


  1. We start with the belief that the USA is an exceptional nation. We reject the Left’s ‘Europeanization’ of America. We reject the notion that America's greatness stems from its powerful elites rather than its grassroots, its families, its enterprises, its ideas. We reject the view that the world is safer when multilateral bodies like the United Nations rule our foreign and defense policy.  
  2. We are fiscal conservatives. We believe that a nation that lives beyond its means is destined to decline. Unless America reduces borrowing quickly and reforms entitlements, it will become a declining power, transferring wealth and leadership to China, the Middle East and to other rival centers of global power.
  3. We believe that faster growth is essential to solve America's current problems. Simpler and lower taxes, freer trade, less regulation, and education reform are essential if American families are to become more prosperous.
  4. We believe in smaller but more effective government. We reject a draining of power from individuals, families and states to an enlarged federal government. Although we believe that government should be smaller and more focused, we also reject an anti-government mentality. Conservatives believe in a government that devolves power to local communities, protects the homeland, protects free markets, fights crime and protects the vulnerable.
  5. Government should be the poverty-fighter of last resort. Strong families, a good education and a job are the best protections against poverty. We must revive the American dream by encouraging and rewarding hard work and enterprise, but we also need to be the nation of the second chance, relying on each other and our civic ambitions to bring new hope to those who have fallen on hard times.
  6. We are social conservatives. We believe in the special nature of marriage and the traditional family as the basis of happiness and prosperity. As conservatives we must strive to protect religious freedom, counter judicial activism and protect every human life, at its natural beginning and natural end. We also need to build a society that respects its own colorful diversity by upholding the dignity of all our citizens, ensuring equality of opportunity, and helping broken families get their lives together.
  7. We are internationalist conservatives. We believe that a strong America is a huge force for good in the world. Sharing our ideas. Resisting economic protectionism. Leading the global war on terror. Keeping the seas free from piracy. Standing with the oppressed. Helping poor nations develop. 
  8. We are conservatives who conserve. Protecting the environment is about much more than the climate change debate. We should conserve the rich diversity of the natural world, but we reject the anti-growth policies of the climate change lobby. Developing nations are rapidly growing richer and using more energy. America needs to invest in cleaner technologies as a way to lessen the overall cost of energy for families and businesses and to reduce the negative effects of energy consumption on the natural environment.
  9. We reject the stridency in some quarters of the conservative movement. Our politics need to be unashamedly principled without forgetting to be thoughtful. We also need to be gracious to our opponents, within and outside the movement.

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