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October 08, 2011


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That's a huge amount of mis-information. I'm part of an occupation, and I don't consider myself an anarchist or a communist. I'm a hard worker, I have a job, and a good half of the people involved in the Occupation in my town are people with jobs or students; the other half are people who did work hard at their jobs until they lost them. We work for a living too, and if you read any declaration from New York or otherwise you'll see that we are COMPLETELY NON-VIOLENT and completely inclusive. We don't want to alienate ANYONE. In fact, everyone is already a part of the movement, because everyone falls into the 99 percent of the population that is deprived of basic rights because of an all-too-powerful one percent of the population that controls so much of the media and corporate wealth in this country.

We are all hard workers, and these are tough times. People without jobs are not criminals, nor are they hateful, and people who participate in these occupations are not ignorant, nor do we have a "target." Calling us "suspects" automatically draws a line in the sand between "you" and "me," when the whole point of these occupations is to get rid of those distinctions. WE are all in this together, because WE are all part of the 99 percent.

There's no reason for animosity at all, and there ARE commonalities between the tea party and the occupation: a desire for government accountability and fiscal responsibility, a stop to excessive spending, and a desire to solve problems concerning the lack of jobs in this country and income disparity. Bastardizing anyone in either group by comparing said members to Klan officials is ludicrous.

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