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December 22, 2010


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Is it also flat impossible for a Mormon to become President, or even Republican nominee?

Our America Initiative

I suppose this depends on your definition of "Moderate".

On all the issues you mention, cutting spending, tax relief, healthcare reform, entitlement reform and an environment favorable to business, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson comes out head and shoulders above the rest.

While Palin was building bridges to nowhere, Johnson was reducing NM's payroll without having to fire anyone.

While Huckabee was advocating Federal government involvement in the personal lives and contracts between citizens, Johnson was advocating the freedom to form marriage contracts and make personal choices.

While Romney was giving himself repetitive strain injury signing new bills and getting in people's grill up in MA, Gary Johnson was vetoing more bills (750) than the other 49 Governors in the Union put together.

While GOP representatives and senators were presiding over a spending explosion during the Bush years, Johnson was holding down spending in a Blue State.

While Palin ran away from the responsibility of office in AK and lost her candidate the Senate race, Johnson won re-election in a 2:1 Democrat State.

So then, if you want a real conservative with a track record, check out http://ouramericainitiative.com/


PPP is a Democratic polling firm. I wouldn't be taking my cues from them.

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