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Newslinks for Wednesday Jan 8: Hat-trick for Rick Santorum

Posted on 02/08/2012

VIDEO: Clint Eastwood tells Bill O'Reilly that his Chrysler ad was NOT pro-Obama

VIDEO: Reason TV's parody of Clint Eastwood ad: Americans are hurting because they bailed out the Italian-owned car industry

  • "It is good that Chrysler and GM are now off life-support, but they took a lot of money we’ll never recover. A simple apology would be nice." - Rich Lowry for NRO

VIDEO: How the Talk Shows are mocking Romney (again, again and again)


Santorum 470

Rick Santorum rejuvenated his presidential hopes on Tuesday with a shocking sweep of the three nominating contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri - Reuters

  • "In a month his campaign hoped to use as an opportunity to outflank Gingrich on the right and establish himself as the primary alternative to Romney, Santorum is on his way to accomplishing both goals." - Politico
  • "Santorum, though, said Tuesday night in Missouri that he wasn’t looking to be the alternative to Romney. "I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama,” Santorum said." - Fox
  • Facing a sweep, humbled Romney congratulates Santorum - LA Times

Romney on FoxSantorum's trifecta raises new doubts about Romney

"Yes, Colorado and Minnesota were caucus states — the turnout is skewed in such contests toward a more conservative electorate. Yes, Missouri’s primary was a “beauty contest” and didn’t award any delegates. But what Romney won’t be able to explain away is just how much more poorly he did tonight in those three states than in his 2008 showing — when he lost the GOP nomination for president." - John Fund

  • Mr. Romney is not a strong enough candidate that he can afford more nights as bad as Tuesday - Nate Silver
  • "The mountain west was supposed to be a stronghold for Romney and given his money and organizational advantages, he should have coasted to victory. If he can lose in Colorado, he's theoretically beatable anywhere." - Washington Examiner
  • "From Missouri to Minnesota to Colorado the Republican electorate sent a very clear signal — they want conviction over electability. They do not like Mitt Romney. They see Santorum as authentic. They see Mitt Romney as a fraud. Rick Santorum swept the races. Romney, the front runner, got crushed by conservatives." - RedState
  • "Mitt Romney lost. He lost to a guy who lost his home state by 18 points the last time he was on the ballot there. There's a technical term in political consulting for a performance like that: it's called sucking. If Romney can't beat Rick Santorum, he needs to find another party to run in." - Paul Begala at the Daily Beast

...but NPR still bets on Romney: "Romney has the money and organization to play it big in the lead up to Super Tuesday — it's hard not to think that it will change the momentum of the Republican presidential primary race."

Santorum should get ready for a wave of negative ads from Romney - Weekly Standard

Jonathan Tobin warns Romney against going negative (again): "The spectacle of the frontrunner trying to demolish the character of another conservative rival may not go down well with the GOP grass roots, especially since Santorum has avoided the sort of class warfare and personal attacks that Gingrich launched at Romney."

Byron York says Santorum has re-emerged because of Romney/Gingrich mudslinging: "I think this started in Florida, when Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich went at each other with such personal attacks," says Chuck Laudner, a longtime ally of Rick Santorum, calling late on election night from Minneapolis.  "They weren't really on the issues.  It was investments and name calling, and I think it turned people off.  People here looked at that and said there's got to be an alternative."

"Of the eight nominating contests so far, Mr. Santorum has now won four, while Mr. Romney has won three and Newt Gingrich one—a tally that seemed unlikely on a few days ago." - WSJ | New York Times

Gingrich NewtGingrich and Santorum should co-operate before Super Tuesday and then once they've proved the "anti-Romney" candidate can win they should showdown against each other - Robert Stacey McCain for the Weekly Standard

Colorado turnout turndown sends flashing alert about voter enthusiasm - WSJ

Gingrich focuses on Ohio - New York Times

"The Republican presidential contest dips into a lull now. The candidates will not have a chance to rekindle their supporters’ enthusiasm until a debate in Arizona on Feb. 22, and the next voting will not be until Feb. 28, when Arizona and Michigan hold primaries." - New York Times

Average national ratings: Romney 34.5%, Gingrich 23%, Santorum 17.5%, Paul 14.3% - RCP

Obama S&SPresident Obama's approval numbers are still "underwater" but he's closer to the surface than last year and closer to being re-elected - Charlie Cook for National Journal

  • Barack Obama’s decision to embrace his super PAC is only the latest example of the president setting his ideals aside and resigning himself to pragmatic political realities - Roll Call
  • Obama runs roughshod over religious freedom - Kathleen Parker for the Washington Post

As governor, Romney struggled in applying his business background to a slow economy - Washington Post

The foreign policy team briefing Romney - RCP

Some legislators send millions to groups connected to their relatives - Washington Post

A new book, “Coming Apart,” by Charles Murray, says that a retreat from marriage among the working class is a key factor in the growing economic divide in America - Fox

  • Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum decried court decision striking down California's ban on same-sex marriage as an example of judicial activism that highlights the need for a Republican in the White House - USA Today
  • "The lack of common ground between left and right on abortion, same-sex marriage and contraception shows just how seriously we take these issues" - Ross Douthat

A permanent global clubhouse for democracies based on shared principles would make it easier to aid growing movements - Jonah Goldberg on the need to build an alternative to the UN

Providing Israel with advanced bunker-busting munitions and refueling tankers to extend the range of its jets would help convince the Iranians to pursue a diplomatic solution - Charles Robb and Charles Wald for the Wall Street Journal

And finally... Mitt's REAL mistake

"No matter who you support this year, you have to admit Mitt Romney went about becoming president the wrong way. Instead of wasting his time learning how business works and building a multi-billion-dollar company that really did save or create hundreds of thousands of jobs, Mitt should have lived off his daddy’s fortune like Jack Kennedy. Chasing skirts and molesting teenage virgin is a lot more fun than figuring out how to revive an old business..." - MORE via Don Surber



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