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Newslinks for Friday Feb 10: CPAC offers Romney and Santorum chance to appeal to grassroots support

Posted on 02/10/2012

Highlights of the first day of CPAC...

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  • Rick Perry inspires Republicans to ‘keep the faith’ at CPAC 2012 - Houston Chronicle
  • "When asked if he would run for President again, Perry replied, “Oh, sure,” but said his focus was on Texas." - Hot Air
  • "House Speaker John Boehner wears the conflict that rages in the House of Representatives as a badge of honor. “When [the media] uses the word ‘tumultuous’ to describe our majority it doesn’t bother me at all,” the Ohio Republican told the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday. “I’m actually taking it as a compliment”" - Houston Chronicle
  • Bachmann mocks her own campaign flubs at CPAC - USA Today
  • Herman Cain says he's not going away quietly - LA Times
  • "Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli gave a packed house at the Conservative Political Action Conference an energetic defense of federalism on Thursday." - National Journal contraception controversy consumes CPAC, Washington and the presidential campaign

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 10.00.45""This isn't even a social issue. This is a constitutional issue," Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said onstage. "What (the Constitution) says is that the federal government does not have the power to force religious organizations to pay for things that that organization thinks is wrong." " - Fox News

"Congressional Democrats and Republicans escalated their rhetorical war Thursday over a pending federal rule requiring religiously affiliated employers to provide full contraception coverage to women" - CNN

"Santorum has also been focused on the controversial regulation by the Department of Health and Human Services... “I know it’s the Catholic church, but it’s the Catholic church first, it won’t be the last if they get away with it,” he said" - ABC

  • Biden on the new contraception rule: I’m determined to see a compromise here - Hot Air
  • Sen. Tom Coburn: Debate over birth-control rule ‘blown out of proportion’ - The Hill
  • Grover Norquist: Obama translating Harvard’s ‘anti-Catholic animosity’ into policy - Daily Caller
  • "One way or another -- either by backing down or by facing an electoral spanking -- Obama will not win this one. With the backlash he is inviting, he might finally learn the limits of his mythical magic." - David Limbaugh
  • The Gospel according to Obama - Charles Krauthammer

Will the conservative grassroots accept Romney when he speaks today?

Romney (1)"A Romney fund-raiser described the candidate's Friday speech... "He's going to try to provide a holistic rationale for why he should be the guy in the fall that will be conservative, thoughtful and combative, so people can say, 'If he acts that way in the fall, I'm for him,' " the donor said." - Wall Street Journal

  • "For more than an hour... Mitt Romney huddled with a small gathering of leaders in the conservative movement, potential emissaries to those who have so far proved most wary of embracing him as the Republican Party’s nominee." - New York Times
  • "He said he plans to use a portion of the speech to focus on something he rarely brings up on the campaign trail - his record as governor of Massachusetts." - Politico
  • "Politico suggests that Romney will want to "deliver a truly conservative message in person." My advice to the Romney campaign: be careful." - David Frum

David Brooks: Romney needs to show his conservative core, not just talk up his business background

Brooks"If Romney is to thrive, he really needs to go on an integrity tour. He needs to show how his outer pronouncements flow directly from his inner core. He needs to trust that voters will take him as he really is. He needs to tell his own complicated individual story and stop reducing himself to the outsider/businessman advertising cliché. He needs to tell us what about his character is more fundamental than his national park patriotism and his skill at corporate restructuring." - David Brooks for the New York Times

Santorum will use his appearance to emphasize electability

Screen shot 2012-01-02 at 12.06.00

"[T]he CPAC straw poll... is up for grabs. If Santorum wins it, it will be a notch for him going into the final weeks before Arizona, Michigan and Super Tuesday - and add to the perception that he is galvanizing the base of the party that has not embraced Romney." - Politico

  • "A new poll in Pennsylvania shows that Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are running neck and neck, but Republicans in the Keystone State believe Mr. Romney has the best shot by far of beating President Barack Obama." - Wall Street Journal

Peggy Noonan: the American public is being turned off by politics

Noonan Peggy"Maybe the story the political class is missing is not "They don't like the Republican field," or "They don't like Obama." Maybe the story is that people are tuning out altogether. Maybe they're bored with politics, and most especially with politicians. Maybe they don't think our government can't solve anything. Maybe, even, our political class has done such a good job depicting the crisis we're in that the American people, with their low faith in institutions, think nothing, really, can be done about it." - Peggy Noonan for the Wall Street Journal

  • Is 2012 slipping away from the GOP? - Power Line

Congress prepares for Obama's 2013 budget - Politico

  • "Congressional Republicans said Thursday that negotiations over extending a payroll tax cut were going so poorly that it was possible the tax break — along with added unemployment benefits — could expire at the end of the month." - New York Times

Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 16.01.13"The latest Gallup tracking poll shows more people approving of Mr. Obama’s job performance than disapproving, by a 49%-45%." - Wall Street Journal

  • "It looks as though Barack Obama may already be deriving some political benefit from the release of last week’s favorable jobs report." - Nate Silver

House passes bill banning insider trading by members of Congress...

Screen shot 2011-01-29 at 12.28.55"The 417-to-2 vote occurred less than three weeks after President Obama demanded such action in his State of the Union address. The Senate approved a similar bill by a vote of 96 to 3 on Feb. 2." - New York Times Rep. Spencer Bachus faces insider-trading investigation

"The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee over possible violations of insider-trading laws, according to individuals familiar with the case. Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), who holds one of the most influential positions in the House, has been a frequent trader on Capitol Hill, buying stock options while overseeing the nation’s banking and financial services industries." - Washington Post

10 states freed from some 'No Child Left Behind' requirements CNN

  • Obama now substituting his own regulations for No Child Left Behind law - Hot Air

Top Giffords aide to run for her seat

Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 13.35.15"Ron Barber, a top aide to former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D., Ariz.) who was wounded at the same event where the congresswoman was shot a year ago, announced Thursday he’s running to take her place." - Wall Street Journal

Can America learn from the demise of the British Empire, avoiding the paternalism and self-doubt that led to disastrous decline? - Andrew Roberts for the Wall Street Journal

And finally... the Obama re-election campaign's soundtrack

"The hefty amount of country songs shows a clear play for values voters, and the same can be said for the youth vote that he courts with relative unknown indie bands like AgesAndAges. Mr Obama showed off his knowledge of alternative music - even that released since he became President - by picking trendy artists Arcade Fire and Florence + the Machine." - Daily Mail



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