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Newslinks for Thursday July 28, 2011

Posted on 07/28/2011

Screen shot 2011-07-28 at 11.04.55 PM 10:45pm The Republican: What a Boehner! The Speaker cancels the vote tonight as the GOP can't wrangle enough support the debt plan

6:30pm Taking-aim-at-Obama videos:

Screen shot 2011-07-28 at 3.57.56 PM3:45pm The Republican: Now this is interesting: Thinking Republicans like Perry, those who don't think too much like Romney

2:45pm The Republican: Aspiration nation update: The recovery hasn't been kind to the middle class

1:15pm Video: Pence is in: The Tea Party favorite and former RSC chairman announces support for the Boehner plan

12:15pm The Republican: If Boehner loses, the GOP loses

Obama Unhappy10:15am The Republican: More bad news for Obama: Americans really - no, REALLY - don't like his health care law

10:00am The Republican: Mitch Daniels: Support the Boehner plan, don't commit "financial suicide"

Ryan Streeter on The Republican: Aspiration Nation: What’s it going to take to make America’s economy something we can be proud of again?

Video: Christie slams Obama's failure to propose his own debt ceiling solution: You Can't Lead From Behind 

Boehner gets tougher with GOP congressmen


  • "In a closed-door Republican Conference meeting on Wednesday, Boehner demanded his wavering members “get your ass in line” to back his proposal, and some members obliged." - Politico
  • The New York Times reports that he told his caucus that “I didn’t put my neck on the line and go toe to toe with Obama to not have an army behind me.”
  • How Boehner got a fractured GOP to back his plan with face-to-face meetings - NPR

But...the entire Senate Dem caucus vows to oppose Boehner debt plan - The Hill | AllahPundit

  • "House Republicans and Senate Democrats gained substantial support on Wednesday within party ranks for their separate plans to resolve a looming debt crisis, but the momentum seemed to be pushing both sides further from a compromise." - New York Times
  • NRO notes that the language is getting less and less civil: "We began the day with Steny Hoyer accusing Republicans of “shooting” “bullets” and end the day with Debbie Wasserman Schultz talking about the GOP “dictatorship”?"

A reminder of the Boehner plan...

"Mr. Boehner's plan would raise the debt limit by $900 billion now, while cutting $917 billion in spending, and then raise the debt limit by as much as $1.6 trillion next year if lawmakers agree to at least $1.8 trillion in additional spending cuts. President Barack Obama opposes that approach; he wants Congress to raise the debt ceiling once, by an amount large enough to carry the government through 2012, which would avoid another rancorous debate during the election year." - WSJ

Fellow Ohioan Jim Jordan is Boehner's biggest GOP opponent

200px-Jimjordanofficialphoto"Mr. Boehner released his plan Monday to raise the debt ceiling while cutting $3 trillion in spending over 10 years. Mr. Jordan backs an alternative that includes Congress passing a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution as a condition of raising the debt ceiling." - WSJ | Yesterday's Jordan video

  • "Apparently, the same GOP leadership that’s telling conservatives to get their “asses in line” has a problem with conservative activists trying to hold THEIR asses accountable for the Tea Party principles they rode to 2010 midterm victory." - Michelle Malkin
  • But outside Washington some Tea Party feeling is running high and wild: “Boehner must go,” Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips said in his blog on Wednesday, calling the speaker a “big government Republican” who “worships at the altar of massive spending.” (Fox has more).
  • Tea Party brings Big Demands, Small Crowd to Hill in bid to maintain pressure - NPR

McCain attacks GOP's budget hardliners

McCain John "John McCain, the Arizona senator and former presidential candidate, berated lawmakers from his own Republican party on Wednesday as an internal feud over the debt ceiling impasse reached new heights.
“What is really amazing about this is that some members are believing that we can pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution in this body with its present representation,” Mr McCain said in a speech on the floor of the upper chamber of Congress. “That is worse than foolish. That is deceiving many of our constituents.”" - FT ($)

Now Senate Democrats' budget plan is marked down by Congressional Budget Office - WSJ

Toby Harnden: Republicans MUST do a debt ceiling deal

"Do Republicans seriously think that most Americans will blame Obama if Congress doesn’t even send him a bill and America defaults? As the WSJ editorial board argues, to fail to produce a bill would be to hand Obama a political victory he does not deserve – and perhaps even help re-elect him." - Toby Harnden in The Telegraph

USA Today: Conservatives have strayed from the Reagan model

REAGAN RONALD What would Reagan do? USA Today answers: "The answer, based on a fair-minded reading of Reagan's record as president, is this: He would raise the debt ceiling. He would agree to tax increases as part of a balanced package to rein in deficits. And all this would be accomplished by compromising with the Democrats after tough but civil negotiations."

No, says the Heritage Foundation's Lee Edwards, Reagan would approve of Cut, Cap and Balance - USA Today

"What would President Reagan do in the debt limit battle? That’s unknowable, but we do know what his goal would be: get the best deal possible under the circumstances. Reagan never let the perfect or the unattainable keep him from achieving the good." - Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard

Millionaires and billionaires pay a higher share of their income in taxes than the middle class - Stephen Moore for the WSJ

Democrats question Obama's "sudden embrace of GOP budget-slashing over his party’s time-honored priorities of job creation and economic equality"

Donkey “We’ve allowed the center to be shifted to the right in terms of the debate that’s taken place,” said Ted Strickland, the former Democratic governor of Ohio who was swept away in the 2010 midterm tea party wave." - Politico

  • E J Dionne: The difference between moderation and centrism in politics - RCP

"The White House is waging an aggressive behind-the-scenes campaign to reassure core Democratic activists, following weeks of criticism from liberals who fear that President Obama has given too much ground in his debt-ceiling talks with Republicans. Senior aides are holding conference calls to take questions from leaders of black and Hispanic organizations, local elected officials, and other political allies nationwide." - Washington Post | The Hill

2012-RACE 2012 In Brief:

  • Romney accuses Obama of failing to tackle China on currency manipulation and trade - WSJ
  • Sarah Palin to keynote September 'tea party' gathering in Iowa - LA Times
  • Cain is apologizing to Muslim leaders for vitriolic remarks he made about Islam while campaigning for the presidential nomination - USA Today
  • "Romney leads the pack for the GOP nomination with 17% of the Republican vote in the Gallup survey, but Perry is essentially right there with the former Massachusetts governor with 15%. Sarah Palin comes in next, with 12%." - USA Today | Washington Examiner
  • "DeMint said in an interview Monday that he is trying to get conservatives in states that will hold early presidential contests - his home state, Iowa, New Hampshire 'and maybe Florida' - behind one presidential candidate. He said he's urging them to 'hold their endorsements' so they can first screen the candidates and try to get behind the same one." - National Journal
  • Ron Paul supporters know he has little chance of becoming the next president, but they say his third bid for the job is about tilting GOP in libertarian direction - Washington Times
  • "Poor Karl Rove. He masterminded George W. Bush's rise to the White House in 2000, but a decade later, can't seem to find a credible GOP presidential candidate to support. What's a Republican kingmaker to do?" - Guardian

Some foreign policy opinion:

  • Iran and Turkey now have more influence and they are taking advantage of what the U.S. has sacrificed for in Iraq - Marisa Cochrane Sullivan in the WSJ
  • At Shadow Government Will Inboden sets out how the GOP should attack Obama's foreign policy.
  • Will the massacre in Norway weaken extreme sentiments, in the same way the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 weakened extreme anti-government movements in the U.S. in the years that followed? - New York Times

And finally...


The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People for 2011 is headed by a Republican, Amy Cheng



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